For anyone who wants to write their own notation

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  1. Hey guys, I found a cool site with the musical staff in a printr friendly version, the site is and you can use it to write your own notated songs, enjoy!
  2. Hey that's awesome! I was just thinking today how it's hard for me to write songs down because I don't have notation paper and don't know where to get any, but here I go!

    Thanks! :)

  3. wynnguitars


    Jun 20, 2001
    hello paste i'm sorry for calling you a name(stupid) please forgive me it was out of anger at the other people on this web site. email me
  4. rickbass

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    Thanks gents!!!! My homemade paper wasted a lot of space.
  5. Great stuff! No more buying books or printing from ****ty software!

    The thread titles a tad misleading(I've been thinking about how to do my own notation for a while; I really want to beat the metric system!)
  6. Sorry for the title being misleading! I try to make my titles as specific as possible, but I hope it helped anyway.