For Car Guys. 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds. Quarter mile in 8.9 seconds. New Tesla Roadster is Incredible.

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  1. I am a car guy so this may interest other car guys. For those who doubted electric cars performance this may change your mind. The new Roadster will also have a range of over 600 miles at highway speeds with it's 200kw battery. This video shows the first public showing of the car at Hawthorne Airport where SpaceX and the Tesla Design Center is located. Hawthorne Airport is about 3 miles east of LAX. Zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds and a quarter mile of 8.9 seconds.
    Unbelievable torque numbers at 1 mile per hour. This will be the fastest production car to date.

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  2. Stumbo

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    Feb 11, 2008
    That's the car that will be in the remake of Back to the Future, if there ever is one. :D

    I thought my Corvette was fast! This is ludicrous speed!
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    They've definitely gone 'plaid' with that thing!

    Many questions about electric vehicles remain in my mind - such as when you have to replace the batteries, or if they'll start slowing it down as it ages (ahem, Apple, ahem). And since I won't ever own a new car anyway, these factors are important in the used market.

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  4. I was told that Tesla is building this car primary to make a statement in favor for electric powered cars.
    In the past, the gas guzzling sports car community have said that electric cars are ugly, can't perform like an ICE engine and have no range. This is being built to shut them up.
  5. I have a 10 year old, (2008) Tesla and the battery output is about 96% of original output. Also, the battery replacement will get cheaper in the future as the new mega battery factory near Reno comes online. This robotic automated factory will produce over 50 percent of of the world's lithium battery output.
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    Aug 2, 2016
    I'd like to know how much range you really get when it's -20F or colder, pushing snow and ice, heater running full blast. Maybe not so much on this car, but on one with some ground clearance. Otherwise electric cars will be forever limited to pleasantly warm climates or part-year use.

    They are working their way up into this area with charging stations. Saw one in Cadillac last year. Now it appears there's one in Traverse City and Gaylord either in progress or complete.
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    Even Jeremy Clarkson is coming around to Tesla (albeit with an army of lawyers in tow)!
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  8. Yes, he did a pretty good review the X model. As you may have sensed, I have definably become a convert from gas to electric. My current daily driver is an ICE, (internal combustion engine) sports car but that will be the last one I ever buy.
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    Jun 21, 2006
    Electric cars, for me, are just glorified golf carts. Sure, very, VERY sporty golf carts sometimes, but they miss some really basic elements, not the least of which is that I need a continuous range of more than 200 miles on a freezing day and have to worry about using up my battery just to stay warm.

    But If I lived on Mercer Island or Bellevue, WA and needed a daily driver to get to my office in downtown Seattle every day, it would be a fun ride. I'd still need a "real" car for my trips to eastern Washington, Canada and the peninsula.
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    Jun 21, 2006
    There are lots of youtube videos about the pitfalls of owning a Tesla. I've watched a few. One great one is a Canadian family using one for a trip in winter and they are all in their nice warm coats in the car. :)

    Teslas are cool, but owning a Tesla is a bit like owning a motorcycle. It's for fun, not for normal transportation, with rare exception.
  11. Being from SoCal, I am not an expert on cold water operations but here is some info that might help. Seems like Tesla has higher numbers than other electric vehicles.

    Charged EVs | Tesla Model S performs more cold-weather battery maintenance between trips than other EVs
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    Maybe one day he'll be able to pull it off without losing billions of dollars per year. I can't remember how many millions per car he is losing. If I find it I'll link it. I wanna say it was WSJ but I'm not positive.

    Still, the car is impressive.
  13. bluesblaster


    Jan 2, 2008
    Tesla model X beat an Audi A8 in a drag race the other night on The Grand Tour. Instant torque gave it a big lead at the start

    Invest in Lithium;)
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    Jun 21, 2006
    My take as well. I'd sure like to know where he got the money to pay for all those rockets.
  15. And a model X is an SUV with a high air drag co-efficiency.
  16. He used his own money. SpaceX is not a publicly owned or traded company. If it was I would buy stock in it and put it in my 401 k.
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    Jun 21, 2006
    I mean, where did HE get the money to pay for it? What is his source of income?
  18. He made is first fortune as a founder of PayPal. The guy is only 46 years old and already has done a lot to change the world. Quite frankly, he makes me feel like a slacker.
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    Jun 21, 2006
    Paypal. That explains it. Thanks!
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    I commute on a motorcycle. The van gets used on weekends. Both are tools. Use the tool for what it's good for. A Tesla seems to be reasonably practical enough around here that I see them fairly regularly. Not like a Prius, but often enough that nobody looks twice when one rolls silently by.

    Charging on a long trip is the big issue. I have a friend who has a Ford plug-in car, and he will occasionally forget to charge it at home and need to pug it in to a 110 outlet somewhere. That will charge it up, but it takes a long time. If Tesla builds an electric that can go 600 miles on a charge at freeway speeds and then recharge on a standard 100 outlet overnight, it won't be for everyone, but it will work for the majority of people who can afford one.
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