For my first upright....Is a 1995 Engelhardt C-1 for $950?

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  1. Hi Everyone! Im Chris from Nashville. I have been an avid reader of this forum for a little while now. But I figured since Im finally in a spot to buy a double bass, I should make an account. Anyway, I have found a bass made by Engelhardt. It wasnt a model that I could find mentioned in the forum, but maybe Im terrible at searching. If that is the case, I apologize in advance.

    Anyway, its a 1995 Engelhardt C-1. He was asking for $1200. I talked him down to $950, plus hes throwing in a soft case. Here is the ad with pictures.

    Unfortunately, I dont know any upright players to take with me when I check this thing out. I was hoping some of you all could tell me what you know about it, and if it seems like a good deal? I really will appreciate any and all feedback!

    Take care!

    BTW, Im looking to play bluegrass and rockabilly. Thanks!
  2. Those have their issues, the worst of which is that model typically has a maple fingerboard that has been painted black. That's bad for two reasons: It does not add significant stiffness to the (very skinny) neck as would ebony or a harder wood, and maple is not very resistant to string wear meaning it will have to be tended to often replaced relatively quickly. A new fingerboard will cost about as much as the bass is worth.

    In terms of that particular bass, as these things usually go, he's dreaming on his asking price. A new EC-1 will run you about $1200 and a used one should sell for no more than $800. Why don't you make an appointment to visit Dustin Williams and see what he has or can order? A good friend of mine recently bought a vintage plywood bass from Williams and was very happy with the experience.
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  3. Thats excellent advice. Im going to find the time tomorrow to meet with him at his shop. I dont want to take finding the right bass lightly.

    Thank you!
  4. So, after meeting with Dustin, his concerns reflected yours. He recommended a Shen. He had a couple in stock. A good thing about his shop is that he offers 100% trade in/trade up. Plus his instruments are set up to his standards and not the Shen set up. The basses felt comfortable and I felt really good about the experience. Unfortunately the bass Im into at his shop, plus a bag is going to run me about $1000 more than the Engelhardt posted above. So Im going to have to wait a little longer before buying it. But, this isnt something I want to rush into.

    Thanks for helping me avoid a huge mistake!
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    I'd recommend renting if at all possible. I've had a good experience renting so far, and it is helping me make an informed decision when i finally decide to buy my own. Many shops seem to offer a rent to own type deal, so each monthly rental payment in some way goes towards the purchase price of a new bass.
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