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    Are you a beginner? Love the Bass and want too play professionally? I would like to tell you the story of how I got my son hooked on playing "live" and "recording." I am what you would call a "stage mother," even though I was also a Personal Manager in Hollywood for over 30 years. My son was 13 when I put a quartet together. He was my bass player. His father and grandfather both working bassists. It was in his blood, but even with a familiar name in the music arena, you need to go past that and decide what area of music you want to pursue. My band played top 40 music. My son played all of it. He didn't watch TV, and the only sports he did was Baseball for a couple of years. Because of my music era, he learned a huge amount of jazz classics. He loved Weather Report and got to know the stylings of Bass greats. He joined the musicians union in San Diego, California when he was 14. He started touring with local bands at 16 and joined John Auzin and the "People Movers" at 17, replacing Nathan East at the Hilton hotel, then Peter Cetera, (Chicago the band) when he was 23 where he remained 31 years doing a job he loved. Jason is currently not touring with the band. He does sessions only and celebrity golf tournaments. He loves it.

    During his growing up years he also wrote songs, a plus if you also play bass. Add to that singing. Bass players who sing are very popular, especially if you know a variety of music. Even if you don't sing, listen to tracks on the internet of various music. Learn the songs, even if you never play them. It will be good practice for you to learn Hip Hop, R&B, Classic rock, top 40, Jazz and standards. Mingle with people in the music world. Get on the internet. Also, be able to play in any key! If you limit yourself in anything, there are thousands of others who don't. Remember that last line.

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