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SOLD For Sale! - American Vintage Fender Jazz 75' Reissue - *Mint Condition*

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Modern Growl, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. For Sale Only, sorry no trades.
    Up for sale an American Vintage Fender Jazz 75' Reissue in *MINT* condition!

    Here is a KILLER sounding 70's style Jazz. Great funk machine, both slap and fingerstyle! Fender really made something special with this! Must part due to not playing much these days and cannot justiify owing 4 basses. Some must go.
    This is a great instrument folks. Lightest bass I've ever owned... just over 7lbs!!!!!
    Very light ash/maple = wonderfull 70's fingerstyle tone.

    Condidtion is MINT!

    Fender Vintage Case
    BadassII Bridge (original bridge also included)
    Dunlop Straplocks

  2. more pics included:
  3. And a few more. Sorry they area attachments, I haven't gotten the hang of getting pic's directly into the thread, sorry!
  4. Feel free to PM me with any questions!
  5. took into condiseration and dropped the price!
  6. Man I wish my first time home buyers refund check would show up. I plan on buying one of these as soon as it does. If you still have this for sale when it does I'll get in touch. If only you waited a couple of more weeks to put it up for sale.:bawl:
  7. I hear ya. Unfortunately I'll have to go with the first buyer on this. Let me know if you figure a way to work it out.
  8. bump
  9. This is a killer looking bass... really considering throwing my hard earned cash down on this. It's a 75RI, but what year was it actually made? How's the action, and where are the saddles with the Badass installed? Do they still have a good amount of travel left up and down?
  10. Hey bud, thanks for the interest and kind words.
    There's a tone of height adjustment avalible for the BadAssII.
    Right now, I can get the strings to go as low as sitting on the frets. You'll never have a problem getting low action out of this.
    Action is great, nect is pretty straight. Of course you can adjust it to howerver you like.
    Serial # is Z6172220
  11. **I should also note this is the BadAssII w/ pre slotted groves so you can adjust string distance to your hearts desire! :)
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