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FOR SALE: BNIB Discontinued MXR Variphase with 'Stompin' Ground' Base Plate

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by NickNardone, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Hey Fellas.

    Up for sale is a Brand New MXR Variphase pedal. These pedals were discontinued by MXR a bit ago, and I had a tricky time finding one. I picked this one up a couple months ago at the Central Florida Guitar Convention from a dealer who had one left.

    I ordered a Stompin' Ground base plate for the unit (www.stompin-ground.com), and still have the original rubber feet that will come with it too. The pedal will also come in the box, with original warranty cards, instructions, MXR brochures, etc. The plastic scratch film over the front logo hasn't even been removed.

    Please view the photos for an honest representation of condition. I took he photos with the white back round to better show the pedals color. This thing was by far the freshest looking pedal on my board IMO. The "Custom Shop" logo looks sick on the front of a board too.

    This pedal was stuck to my board for mock up, and used a few times in my practice room, but has never been gigged with. It is absolute mint condition, along with the stompin' base plate. Don't miss out on a great deal and a hard to find pedal.

    Here's some info from MXR...

    I'm asking $119 Shipped to your door with the Stompin' Ground base plate.

    Location: Broward County, FL
    Email: FordTakeOffs@bellsouth.net

    Local pickup is fine, I can even deliver. You're more than welcome to talk to me on the phone as well. PM me for my cell number.

    Thanks gents!












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  5. natasmi


    Apr 30, 2002
    Trade? I have an NIB Sansamp bass driver DI with the Tech21 Adapter I'd swap ya.
  6. I am open to trades but I really don't need an outboard pre or DI. I'm really looking for a POG.
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  8. Wednesday Bump. Price lowered.
  9. Price drop wodees!!
  10. Boink.
  11. Sold. Thanks!

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