For Sale: EB MM HD-210 (in Canada)

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  1. Boozy


    Apr 29, 2002
    Kelowna BC, Canada
    Well, bought this off ebay a couple weeks ago. It's in perfect condition, I have played through it for maybe 2 hours total and it sounds great. It will ship in original box/packaging. No scuffs or marks anywhere on the cab, speakers are pretty much brand new and havn't really even been worked in as I did not want to push it very hard at all.

    this is the link to the auction that I bought it from

    I'm into the cab for:
    [$250]+[$70 s/h]+[$100 duty]=[$420 USD]...
    I am asking $500.00 CANADIAN + shipping which is 100% up to you to determine

    I'd preferr a Canadian sale just cause it would be easier for me and save someone else in Canada from having to pay the duty fees and whatnot, but I'm open to anything.. I think you can probably get one for less in the US as you wouldnt have to pay the stupid duty fee..

    Thanks for looking.
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