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  1. AcousticSoul40


    Jun 10, 2004
    Hello fellow bassists. I am putting up for sale a beautiful AAAA quilted Maple top, neck thru(of course) AJ six string Contra bass. Vintage bartolini Pick-ups, Ebony FingerBoard, Pope Preamp, Kill switch, active/passive switch, coil tap. Purchased last January, the bass is in excellent condition! This bass really sings. I have always wanted a Fodera, I have one and now I am selling. Maybe I am BI-POLAR, just kidding, I do have my eye on a 1958 p-bass and a beautiful double bass at Kolsteins shop in NY. Oh yeah, my asking price is $4800. This bass retails at $7999.00 I paid $5800 at Mannys on 48th street in NYC. I can promise whoever owns this bass after me will not be disappointed, just take it on a gig, you'll see!! Thanks AcousticSoul40, 785-456-6585 I have many pics. If interested, please email me at I check it daily. I am not on TB daily. Trades considered, but please make it worthwhile.