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For Sale: Fulltone Bass Driver / BBE 362 Sonic max / HUSH

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by L.A. Moore, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Bass Drive: comes with 18 volt power supply - 175$ - Shipped
    "The Bass-Drive is a lot like its cousin the Full-Drive2, but voiced with an extra octave of bass coverage... still giving a natural, uncolored FATNESS to your thang.

    From just adding a little grind, to replicating a raging SVT, to sounding like Jack Bruce in The Cream. (He's got one already!)"

    BBE 362 Sonic Max: (with subwoofer output) - $55 - Shipped OBO

    The 362 series delivers the sound-improving benefits of a BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER™ signal processor with the convenience of ganged-stereo operation.

    Pro and semi-pro sound reinforcement
    Mobile DJ system
    Cassette copies

    Ganged-stereo process control
    Ganged-stereo lo contour control
    +16dBu headroom
    Unbalanced 1/4" inputs and outputs
    Bypass switch for comparison of processed to unprocessed signal

    Frequency Response,
    Process Mode: program controlled
    Bypass Mode: 5Hz-30kHz
    Signal to Noise Ratio 108dB process in/120dB process out
    Total Harmonic Distortion in Process Mode: less than 0.1% at 1KHz
    Input Impedance: 47K Ohms
    Nominal Input level: -10dBu
    Minimum Load Impedance for Full Output Level: 1K Ohms
    Nominal Output Level: -10dBu
    Maximum Output Level: +16dBu

    Rocktron Hush Peadal: $75 Shipped OBO
    Simply plug the HUSH in AFTER distortion boxes, wah-wahs, noisy vintage effects, or other noisy units and turn the Threshold knob until the noise goes away. It’s that easy! The HUSH pedal incorporates the latest version of the HUSH discreet circuitry which also includes Rocktron’s patented Variable Integrated Release (V.I.R.) technology. V.I.R. technology utilizes a low-noise VCA with precision detector circuits to achieve the smoothest and most transparent noise reduction possible

    Pics by request
    paypal or U.S.P.S. Money Order

    Trades considerd:
    duel 31 band eq with xlr outs
    4 channel compressor
  2. All items: O.B.O.

  3. Bass Drive $150 + Shipping
    paypal only
  4. Fulltone - $160 shipped or going on ebay in 12 hours
    BBE Sold
    Hush - on ebay now

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