For Sale: Lakland 4-94, Ken Smith BSR5J, and Alembic F-1X

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  1. Fender Will

    Fender Will

    Jan 2, 2001
    Okay guys, I'm selling two great basses and one goes....

    The first is a Lakalnd 4-94 Standard (sunburst, rosewood, Barts), with Hipshot D-Tuner. The bass is near mint, wiht some light scratches, and one pin head sized indentation on the back. Over all, exceptionally clean. The neck is verra nice, and the frets are in great shape. This bass is about a year old. I will ship it in the original G&G case. I'd like to get $1250 for it, but will entertain resonable offers. Sorry, I'm not looking for trades.

    The second bass is a Ken Smith BSR5J. I've currently got it up on ebay, but I would be more than happy to end the auction for any Talkbasser that really wants it. The bass is from 1997, Quilt maple body with Bubinga fingerboard. This bass sounds great. Its got some light wear on the back and in the fore-arm contour area, but overall is verra nice. I've got a BUY-It-Now proce of 1200 on the bass, and if you want for that, I'll pay the shipping. Just tell me your a TBer. Again, sorry, not looking for any trades.

    Also, I have a near mint Alembic F-1X preamp. I'd like to get $350 for it, its clean, and works perfectly.

    If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]. I have detailed pictures of both basses, so please dont hesitate to ask. Thanks!