SOLD For Sale - Mesa Boogie Subway D800 - price drop!

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    Feb 1, 2016
    For sale is my prized, and well loved, Mesa Subway D800.

    Purchased from TB in May of 2016, which was 8 months into a 5 year transferable warranty. Warranty goes until October 2020!

    Amp works perfectly, and what great sound it has.

    Price drop to encourage pre-holiday sale! $530 shipped to CONUS.

    This amp has traveled and gigged very lightly. There are two very minor scuffs on the top (from my preamp and tuner) that are almost impossible to see; check the pics. This is near-perfect, near-new condition and overall excellent.

    Includes carry bag, and all original collateral, including the manual.

    Price includes shipping to lower 48 US states only, no international shipping. Will ship promptly.

    Thanks for looking.


    note: first pic is a "stock" photo, the rest are of the actual unit for sale.





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