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FOR SALE: Method Books, Sheet Music, CDs, and DVDs

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Greg Stevenson, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. * New items in bold blue print added Oct. 19, 2012. *

    * Prices are negotiable! *

    All titles are in like-new/mint/excellent condition with the original CDs/DVDs/VHS cassettes, where applicable. Descriptions of them may be found elsewhere on the Internet. Flat rate $4.00 shipping per shipment (not per item) to the lower 48 United States. That's only $4 per shipment, whether you order one item or fifty. Other locations please inquire.

    PM me with the titles you would like, and I'll PM you my Paypal ID.

    * Prices are negotiable! * Feel free to PM me with any other questions you may have about items that interest you. Thanks!

    Audio CDs
    $19 Elements of Jazz: From Cakewalks to Fusion - Bill Messenger, Peabody Conservatory of Music (The Teaching Company) (6 CDs)

    $12 Music Clinic Jazz Workshop - David Friesen & Jerry Hahn (Hal Leonard)

    VHS Cassette
    $8 The Slap Bass Program - Alexis Sklarevski (Video Progressions) [BASS GUITAR ONLY]

    Artist Songbook
    $7 Classic Rock Bass Jam with Songbook (Warner Bros.) (book/CD)

    General Bass Guitar Technique
    $12 Electric Bass Composite - Dan Dean (Hal Leonard) (book/3 CDs)
    $10 Berklee Practice Method Bass: Get Your Band Together - Rich Appleman and John Repucci (book/CD)
    $7 Reading Contemporary Electric Bass Rhythms - Rich Appleman (Berklee Press)

    $12 Funk Bass [slap] - Jon Liebman (Hal Leonard) (book/CD) [BG ONLY]
    $14 Funk Fusion Bass [fingerstyle] - Jon Liebman (Hal Leonard) (book/CD) [BG ONLY]
    $11 Slap Bass Essentials - Josquin des Pres and Bunny Brunel (Hal Leonard) (book/CD) [BG ONLY]
    $12 Mel Bay's Complete Funk Bass Book - Mike Hiland (Mel Bay) (book/CD) [BG ONLY]

    General Theory, Ear Training, Composition, and Arranging
    $19 Contemporary Ear Training Level 1 - Mark Harrison (Hal Leonard) (book/5 CDs)
    $19 Contemporary Ear Training Level 2 - Mark Harrison (Hal Leonard) (book/3 CDs)
    $15 Musicianship for the Contemporary Bassist - Tracy Walton (book/CD)
    $12 Arranging Music for the Real World: Classical and Commercial Aspects - Vince Corozine (Mel Bay) (book/CD)
    $20 Reharmonization Techniques - Randy Felts (Berklee Press)

    Jazz Technique, Practicing, and History
    $8 How to Play Bebop Vol. 1 - David Baker (Alfred)
    $8 How to Play Bebop Vol. 3 - David Baker (Alfred)

    $5 How to Practice Jazz - Jerry Coker (Jamey Aebersold Jazz)
    $10 Coltrane: The Story of a Sound - Ben Ratliffe (Picador softcover)
    $16 The Jazz Ear: Conversations Over Music - Ben Ratliffe (Times Books hardcover)
  2. Prices of all items are negotiable. Flat rate $4.00 shipping to ConUS still applies.
  3. The following titles have been sold:

    How to Play Bebop Vol. 1 - David Baker (Alfred)
    How to Play Bebop Vol. 3 - David Baker (Alfred)
    How to Practice Jazz - Jerry Coker (Jamey Aebersold Jazz)

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