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  1. dirtrider

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    Ice Blue Metallic. This thing is pretty damned clean. You'd wonder if I ever played the sucker.

    There are a few normal wear scratches on the pickguard, but none of them are very deep. No wear on the back or anywhere else, for that matter.

    The bass has month old EB Hybrids, comes with an EB strap and a gigbag. I'll post pix soon. $350 shipped.

    Thanks for looking.
  2. Trades?
  3. dirtrider

    dirtrider Inactive

    Sorry, BBL. I'm looking to unload this.

  4. dirtrider

    dirtrider Inactive

  5. dirtrider

    dirtrider Inactive

    I finally got some pictures. LOOK AT ME!!

    The bass currently has some Schaller strap locks. I'll be putting the stock strap buttons back on.
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