For Sale only American Standard Jazz Neck Factory Fretless 2012 System 3 Mirrorcoated

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  1. I am selling a basically unused American Jazz neck that has been epoxy coated by yours truly. You are basically getting a free epoxy job on an almost new neck.

    You can read the whole process here:

    and view some pics here:

    It has been played for less than a few hours, some faint marks in the epoxy that would polish right up.

    $400 without factory tuners
    $450 with tuners. These are the stock F tuners that are light. This set still has the plastic on.

  2. Added some pics and that reminded me that the nut is brand new also and nut slots have been adjusted for low action





  3. Lower price: 400 shipped with the factory tuners?

    I have it on ebay but I would rather sell here on TB :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.