SOLD For Sale Only: AudioKinesis ThunderChild 112 TC112v4

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    Nov 21, 2007
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    For sale is a mint AudioKinesis TC112v4. Version 4 has the same heavy duty compression driver as the TC115, making it more suitable for keyboards or PA use. The crossover has been tweaked to make it even more accurate than Version 3. There is a switch in the back that slightly rolls off the highs if so desired, and there are four ports with plugs (included) to offer various tunings. Also included is a padded cover and a tilt-back device on the bottom of the cabinet. This cabinet never left my smoke-free music room and is in pristine condition. The cabinet has a great form factor, a comfortable recessed handle, and will faithfully reproduce anything you put into it. If purchased new there would be a long lead time, and the cost, including the padded cover and shipping, would be almost $1,000.

    Shipping to the lower 48 states is free. The cabinet will be shipped in its original packaging.
    ak1.jpg ak2.jpg ak3.jpg ak4.jpg ak5.jpg ak6.jpg ak7.jpg
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