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For Sale - Original Line 6 Bass POD PRO (Rackmount)/Floorboard

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by tommixx, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. I have gotten such a good response from my other listings that I am going to go ahead and post this as well.......

    This is a Line 6 Bass Pod Pro Rackmount (the original one) that has been used in my studio work since I got it....it was gigged out a couple of times and I think it is very flexible for live work but I have a LOT of gear and this went back into the studio and has been there for a few years now....I bought the newer version XT PRO about 6 months ago so I don't really need this one anymore. It has just been sitting in the box since....

    from Line 6 website....

    If you've ever been frustrated trying to get great guitar tones running direct, either live or in the studio, and you want a wide variety of classic and modern guitar or bass tones with convenient to use effects built in - then any one of the POD family will deliver all of this and more.

    Line 6's revolutionary A.I.R. Modeling accurately captures the tone and feel of speaker cabinets, microphones, and studio room characteristics for an amazing recorded sound on everything from the most prestigious pro studio setup to a multi-track cassette. Sounds like having a great amp mic'd by a great engineer in a great studio.

    Bass POD Pro

    NEW!!! The "must have" direct recording tool for guitarist, POD becomes a family. Introducing Bass POD Pro. Now bass players can enjoy the instant tonal gratification to which thousands of POD owners worldwide have become addicted.

    Bass POD Pro is a rackmount version of Bass POD, featuring Line 6 amp and speaker cabinet modeling, bass effects modeling (including programmable compressor), a crossover, noise gate and more! In addition, Bass POD Pro’s unique Dual Output design allows you to have amp/cab/effects tones on one output, and a high quality D.I. (with or without effects) on the other.

    With 1/4 inch and XLR analog outputs, AES/EBU and SPDIF digital outputs, mono pre and post effect loops, and line level input (great for re-amping or processing non-bass sources), Bass POD Pro is perfect for professional recording and performance. All POD family products feature:

    * Award winning Line 6 Amp Models that emulate an all-star collection of legendary amplifiers.
    * 36 user memory locations so that you can create your own customized collection of killer sounds. Organize them to match your set list, your session needs, or any doggone thing you want. After all, it's YOUR POD!
    * Separate Headphone output to keep your neighbors (or your spouse, for that matter) from staging a counterattack when you're writing that first big hit in your apartment at 3am.
    * Chromatic Tuner, because playing out of tune isn't cool.
    * Cabinet Tuning Mode. The Amp/Direct switch allows POD to be optimized for different applications. Select Direct when running POD directly into a mixer or recorder. Select Amp when using POD as a tone-shaping front end for another amp. POD delivers several tuning modes for the Amp position, selectable at power-up. For example, by default, POD products for guitar expect to be plugged into the guitar input of an open-backed combo. Other tuning modes allow POD to be optimized for connection to the power amp input of a closed-back system, or into closed-back cabinets.
    * ToneTransfer Compatibility. Line 6's ToneTransfer Web Library, is constantly expanding. The sounds you collect transfer seamlessly between POD, POD Pro, and Flextone II series amps, so wherever you go, all your sounds can make the trip.

    As if all this wasn't enough, we also include the POD Tools CD which contains:

    * Emagic™ SoundDiver™ software (PC/Mac) for expanded feature access via MIDI. You can get at additional effects parameters, do strange things with the wah functions and lots of other fun stuff..

    Bass Amp Models 16, customizable
    Digital Effects 16
    Cabinet Models 16
    DI Output 24-bit Digital Outputs (ASE/EBU and S/PDIF) with sync to external word clock
    Output Dual mode XLR balanced direct outs, dual ¼” unbalanced outs
    Out 1 - model sound out
    Out 2 - unprocessed direct out (DI)
    User Programmable Channels 36
    Headphone out & Midi Yes

    Dual Channel (Amp and DI) Balanced or Unbalanced +4/-10 outputs
    Unique dual outputs allow a mix of modeled bass amp sounds and direct sound - with effects always available at the modeled output and optional on the direct output.

    Model Output
    Select amp and cab models and effects with A.I.R. The Line 6 innovation, A.I.R. (Acoustically Integrated Recording outputs) simulates the interaction of amplifiers, cabinets, speakers, microphones and the recording room during the recording process.

    D.I. Output
    Direct out available simultaneous with the modeled output. Effects are optional via the Apply FX to D.I. switch

    Dual Mode Outputs
    Live Mode: Simultaneous feeds for on-stage amp and PA mixer. 1/4 inch model output carries both DI and modeled signal without A.I.R. to the stage amp. XLR carries the mic level DI and modeled signals with speaker simulation to the PA.

    Studio Mode: Both XLR and 1/4 inch outputs carry the DI and modeled signal with A.I.R. to the recording console. 1/4 inch is -10dBV; XLR is +4dBu.

    Bass POD Pro has a full-time, studio quality compressor modeled from the studio standard LA-2A.

    Cabinet Tuning Modes
    Four cabinet tuning modes let you optimize the output of Bass POD Pro to your choice of speaker/cab configurations.

    1. Standard Tuning - This setting is ideal for full-range systems (and is the default setting)
    2. Bass Boost - Try this setting with small diameter speakers
    3. Mid Boost - Try this setting to enhance mid presence.
    4. Treble Boost - Use this setting when driving bass-heavy cabs

    Any or all of the sounds in Bass POD Pro can be transferred to (and from) any other Bass POD or Bass POD Pro with a simple MIDI connection. In addition, an expanding ToneTransfer library of sounds is available at www.line6.com. Users can search the library by musical style, artist, etc, access tones with SoundDiver software, and add their own tones to the library.

    I am also including the Floorboard Footswitch and the cable...

    From the Line 6 Site.....


    The Floor Board has two main modes of operation: Channel Select and Effect On/Off. Effect On/Off gives you instant direct access to your Digital Guitar Amplifier System's effects. Step on one of the sturdy steel Effect On/Off switches and the amp instantly responds by turning that effect on or off, just like a classic effect stomp box. Red lights above each Effect On/Off switch show you whether an individual effect is On (light on) or Off (light off) so you can see the details of your Channel's setup at a glance.

    The Floor Board's two built-in continuous pedals control the Wah and Volume effects of the Digital Guitar Amplifier System. The Wah Pedal includes a toe-down on/off switch just like a classic wah pedal, and its tone is modeled after* a vintage Vox™ wah for a very musical, expressive sound. The audio signal from your guitar doesn't go through the Floor Board - these are just remote controls for the Digital Guitar Amplifier System's processing. That means the guitar signal always stays inside the amp and in the digital domain, safe from the kind of hum and interference that you can get when using traditional pedals on-stage.

    The Floor Board has two main modes of operation: Channel Select and Effect On/Off. Channel Select gives you seamless switching between all of your Digital Guitar Amplifier System's Channels. You can choose between Preset and User Banks right from the Floor Board's stomp switches, as well as switching between the individual Channels in those banks.

    The Floor Board gives you the same Tap Tempo control of effect times as you get from your Digital Guitar Amplifier System. With the AX2, Tap Tempo controls the speed, or tempo, of your delay effects. Just tap a couple of times on the TAP TEMPO stomp switch. Now the individual echoes of your delay will happen in time to the tempo you just tapped on the switch. You can store the new delay time with the Channel if you like, so that it will be recalled the next time you choose that Channel. With a Flextone, POD, or Spider the Floor Board Tap Tempo control can also be used to set the speed of your other effects, just like the Tap Tempo button on the Flextone top panel.

    Hold the Tap Tempo stomp switch for a moment, and you access a built-in chromatic digital tuner. The Floor Board display shows you the pitch you are tuning to, and the red lights above the six lower stomp switches show if you are sharp or flat. The basic idea is that the lights to the left are on if you're flat, and the lights to the right are on if you're sharp. When you get a note in tune, the two center lights come on at the same time.

    The lockable RJ-45 jack locks in to both the Floor Board and the Digital Guitar Amplifier System, so you never have to worry about accidentally kicking it loose during the gig. The special design of the Line 6 products lets this one cable carry all the control signals at the same time as supplying the Floor Board with power from the amplifier. So there's no clumsy wall wart or tangle of cables to complicate your setup. The Floor Board is so simple to use that the entire operations guide fits on two pages.

    The original Price was 699.95 for the POD PRO and 249.95 for the Floor board....I think I paid right at 1,000.00 for the 2 with taxes about 3 years ago.....

    I will let both of these go for 450.00 Money order or Certified/Cashier's check shipped (shipping should be about about 50.00 for the 2 pieces) to anywhere in the Lower 48.....I am pretty sure I still have the Original Boxes for both of these units and I will have them packed and shipped in them if Possible....

    AS A BIIIIIGGGG BONUS..............

    I will also LEAVE the CUSTOM presets that I have setup over the years that I have used on a LOT of records primarily in the first 3 Banks and Bank 9 (+4 presets for each Bank) some of them are variations on each other but I think you will like them...I have spent a LOT of time in the software editing these presets so I will let you decide if you want to dump them or not....It is very easy to reset this unit to its factory default with the push of a button if you don't like what I've done....BUT trust me. listen through each sound before you do...there is probably 100 hours or more of PROFESSIONAL tweeking (by me and some other BIG TIME producers and Engineers) there that you can not put a price tag on!!!!!

    Both units are in excellent shape with slight rack rash on the POD and the footswitch looks virtuallly brand new......ALL switches and knobs are intact and everything works like the day I got it!!!!

    Not interested in trades I have too much stuff now and I am trying to thin the flock wherever I can....

    PM or email to tommixx2@netscape.net if you have questions...

    Thanks for looking...


  2. Thanks Tom...thinking...
  3. Did not want to be pushy but also did not know if you had seen this listing!! :D PM me if you want any details....lets talk if you have something on your mind....this thing is just sitting right now....


  4. 425.00 for the pair SHIPPED.....


  5. 350.00 shipped to lower 48 ONLY before it hits the BAY....


  6. No Takers.......??


  7. incubus2432


    Mar 21, 2002
    Grafton, Ohio
    edit for reasons of my own lack of reading comprehension :rollno:
  8. OK...bump....
  9. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    PM sent. If you still have it-i want it. :)
  10. On Hold for now and most likely SOLD...

    Thanks for looking...


  11. HamOnTheCob

    HamOnTheCob Jacob Moore Supporting Member

    Nov 21, 2004
    Cambridge, Ohio, USA
    Endorsing Artist for Warwick Basses, Mesa Engineering, Joyo Technology, Dr. J Pedals, and Levy's Leathers
    If it's not sold, I'll take it for $350 shipped.