For Sale various cabs

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  1. Leaning out the heard preparing for a move cross country.

    Bag end deep red series 1x15 with coax. 300

    Epifani 1x12 older model .It has a dent on the back of the cab. but it still works great and the speaker sounds great. 300

    Glockenklang proto 2x10 duo cab in mint condition awesome cab 1000.00
    Avatar neo 2x10 this is the latest model and is brand new 225.00 NY location

    All cabs have never been abused and are in excellant working condition.
  2. Bass-only


    Oct 9, 2001

    Dibs on the Bag End cab! E-mail sent!
  3. I am going thru a divorce and will be moving back east from SLC. Thats the reason for the selling frenzy. I will be back to SLC on the 9th of Jan. I will be able to ship out the cabs then.
  4. Aw, ya beat me to it! If this falls thru, I'm expecting a PM please.
  5. I forgot to mention

    The Avatar is a 4 ohm cab
    The bag end is an 8 ohm
    and the Glock is also an 8 ohm cab

    Sure thing PlainOleMe