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for the aussies... but anyone can help

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by f'nar f'nar, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. This is a question for the aussies (or anyone who knows). As you would be well aware the "season to be jolly" is fast approaching and I'm on the hunt. Sick am I of my small combo amp, whilst it has done perfectly well up untill now, my band is moving forward in the gear department and I will most certainly need some kind of rig. I'm looking for the following: a head and quad box, preferably under $1K for the both of them combined. My first reaction is of course, Behringer. At the moment I'm not a huge stickler on sound quality considering that this rig is basically so my guitarists don't drown me out with their new amps (which are getting ever so big for little all me). Any suggestions? Any help would be jolly!
  2. Hi, Fellow Aussie TB'er here. For that sorta $$$$ You'd have to either look at 2nd hand Hartke rigs Could poss. get a 2nd hand 3500(350w) amp & 4x10" box for under a grand. Yes U could try Behringer & the bass players I know that have em as a total rig are HAPPY w/ em!!! SO F*&% the name :spit: try one out!!!!! :D I'd go the Hartke route-they have a tube & s.s. preamp & blending the 2 is a great option:bassist:
    Good luck
  3. Bass Centre in Melbourne taken from the rig deals page


    But for just 1k used might be a better option.


    this one is interesting
  4. well done w/ the links I'd go for the Hartke deal-u get a 4x10" & a 1x15" cab so U can run the 350 watt head at full power & pushing that much air= unsoppable power for what U need ..... BTW the Lenard looks intersting- would need a cab for bass tho!

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