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? for the SX X-perts

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by 64lusso, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. 64lusso


    Jan 20, 2006
    central Va
    Hi folks,
    Just joined the fretless world via my SX Jazz Fretless yesterday, not too bad a item for the money spent, certainly good enough to let me know whether fretless will be for me or not.
    It's got a good bit of ground type buzz except when I touch the control plate and when I pulled the plate off it didn't appear there was a ground wire coming from the bridge to one of the pots. Did I not see it, did they leave it off of mine or do they just not do this?
  2. dave120


    Jun 27, 2005
    Central Florida
    My SX has a bridge ground on it (red wire coming from a hole back by the bridge). If there isn't one you might consider adding it definately as a first step. If there is one, consider shielding the control and pickup cavities. I did this on my bass recently and it made a HUGE difference in getting rid of extra noise. You can search for my thread "A day with the SX" or someone else posted a great tutorial on cavity shielding a little ways back.
  3. HooBass


    May 27, 2003
    My fretless SX also had a bridge ground wire on it. Note I never took the bridge off to check that it actually makes contact with the bridge (!!), but I'll just trust that it does!

    I'd be interested in whether your bass has the hole drilled for the ground wire. Obviously easy to add a wire if the hole is there.

    Also note I re-wired mine (new controls, new wiring (except the aforementioned ground wire and PUP leads), all to accomplish series/parallel), and was able to dramatically improve its hum, all of this without doing any shielding work. Having said that I imagine that it can't hurt to do that shielding work, but I wanted to relay my experience.

  4. 64lusso


    Jan 20, 2006
    central Va
    Actually mine did have the wire after all and it does come out a hole under the bridge. I guess I am not used to instruments with the jack on the top plate like that and assumed the third wire entering the cavity was from the jack, On second look I don't see how I didn't see it the first time??
    There's a good bit of discussion on some of the Tele/Fender guitar forums about whether the cavity shielding has a negative affect on tone, if it's true (no consensus over there) it may not be an issue at the frequencies bass guitars use. However, I have several single coil guitars none of which have any cavity shielding and even the noisiest of them is far quieter than this bass. For now if it bugs me I just turn off the neck pickup and roll off the tone control and it goes away.
  5. Minger


    Mar 15, 2004
    Rochester, NY
    Stupid question: When you touch your strings, does the buzz go away? I mean, it should, but yeah...
  6. dave120


    Jun 27, 2005
    Central Florida

    After just shielding my bass I don't think it has a negative effect on tone at all. There is a lot less background noise and things, especially when playing by yourself. If anyone says it has a negative effect they must just not be used to what their bass should really sound like! Now if they shielded the inside of the pickup covers that would probably affect the tone, but cavities I think just gets rid of a lot of extra noise that people are just used to hearing, and it seems weird if it's not there. I happen to think my bass sounds GREAT though. I'm tempted now to buy another SX, shield the cavities and do a before and after test to see whether it actually affects the tone itself though...now I'm curious!
  7. 64lusso


    Jan 20, 2006
    central Va
    When I touch the strings the noise gets cut by more than half but I can reduce it even further by reaching around and touching the control plate.
    This shielding thing may well just affect the high end of Tele's and such if it has any affect at all, and for the SX it may be the pups and thin wires? I am thinking of getting a set of the Duncan pups that have the neck reverse wound so that it will act as a humbucker when both are on. Actually I really should compare it to my 66 Precision to see if it's that much worse shouldn't I?
  8. Warwickluvr


    Dec 26, 2005
    I'm trying to shield my SX fretless as well.

    Noisy as heck....
  9. Guys, there's absolutely NO change in tone from the shielding. There will be an increase in signal to noise ratio so if the g****r boys are complaining about that...well, they ARE g****r players!
  10. georgestrings

    georgestrings Banned

    Nov 5, 2005

    Yeah, after shielding both my MIM P basses, I didn't notice any tonal changes - just sweet quietness...

    - georgestrings
  11. bassksun


    Mar 5, 2004
    Las Vegas,NV
    Did you try to adjust the controls? See if the hum is coming from either the neck or bridge pup. Also, check the solder on the pots. Make sure that the solder is not loose or cracked. The first thing I did on my SJB is resolder all of the joints. Sloppy and thin.

    Eventually, I got new pots and a SD neck pup.

    Finally, SX pups are a crap shoot. As all SX products are...generally speaking. You may have have a bad one (or two) where the windings are not well grounded.

    Hope this helps. :) Good luck.
  12. 64lusso


    Jan 20, 2006
    central Va
    Actually guys I think being new here I owe you all an apology for wasting your time by being an idiot twice in one thread. I took the SX to the basement to compare to my 66 Precision, not having a proper working bass amp at the moment I plugged the 66 into the normal channel of my Vibrolux, dead quiet as I expected. Then I plug in the SX Jazz and also dead quiet as long as I had both pups wide open--HMM could it be the cheapo chord I was using? I try it in a cheap Austin bass amp with a good chord still no hum so it's has to be something wrong with my little GA-5 Gibson amp I have in the bedroom. In the process I discovered the stock SX sounds pretty good already when plugged into a good amp and it seems that the pups are already reverse wound for humbucking effect when both pups are on. So it seems I should spend some time learning how to play it before I worry about upgrading it. Hopefully my future contributions will be a little better informed!