For those of you who play CS....

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  1. where do you get all the mods and stuffs? give me the sites, i need some :)
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    May 7, 2004
    Bay Area, CA
  3. Brendan

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    Jun 18, 2000
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    I rock the TFC as well.

    I prefer it because there's a team, so I can blame them when I suck it up, and since there's no "plan," they can't PROVE I suck.
  4. Im a Natural-Selection (excellent mod, my favorite by far--check it out. guy myself who plays DoD on the side. I play CS socially, and when I go to college at James Madison University next year, I'll probably be playing it over the LAN all the time.

    If any of you wanna drop in for a game of whatever, my steam email is (friends list)

    PS: if you guys want to check out an interesting mod with potential, but poor graphics/animations, give Hostile Intent a try. (note that it's rough around the edges.)

    I WILL pwn you. Seriously. I'm good.
  6. DoD is great. But I suck at it.

    And I'm getting into a CS Clan soon, and I know a lot more people that play CS.

    So....back to bass playing.
  7. That's the wonder, and downfall of CS. (the downfall being the lousy, horrible, mean, immature, elitist online community) It's a very old game with simple, repetative gameply, but it's insanely popular, probably for that reason. I can play it with my personal friends, and I'll be able to play it with people on campus in college because so many people play it. I enjoy playing it with people I know more than playing a game that I enjoy much more with strangers.

    PS: NS pwns all!!!
  8. I thought I was good at CS, until....

    Our school had a foreign exchange student from germany.

    Seriously, this kid is SPONSORED by ATI. He has a custom one of a kind laptop made by ATI. Everything had the ATI logo all over it and everything. Totally decked out machine.

    I remember at one of our LAN parties, he said "Oh, I'm not doing well today" and then killed our entire team by himself.

    But I cant play CS anymore cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. So I bought the xbox version and I play that now.