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For those trying to learn too fast.

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by Dreamwave, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. I really don't consider myself a bass player yet but will be one some day. I've been trained on piano all my life though and just wanted to pass on some advice that I learned from my teachers along the way that translates to every instrument.
    I own and run a recording studio and see people trying to do things on their instrument that had they spent a little time practicing it slow and clean, would have come out way better.
    Everyone likes to play what they hear in their head up to speed and I'm no exception. But... The slower you practice, the better you play fast. Peace. :)
  2. Thanks Dreamwave. Having never been trained musically on any instrument, and just starting out on Bass, I find myself guilty of trying to keep up with the song, and tripping my fingers over each other.
    It's little tidbits like this that help new guys like me.
  3. Thats pretty much the fundamentals on learning any song. At first, learn the song slow. Dont try and play it as fast as the recording, Once you get all the notes and rhythm down, Gradually speed up the song untill ur up to par with the original recording. And also, USE-A-METRONOME when your starting Bass playing, A bass player with no sense of time is just a guitarist with 4 strings.

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