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  1. if you have separate mixers, say a Soundcraft Ui and a Behringer XR, do you use the same router for both or do you have different routers set up specifically for each mixer? I have an apple airport express and have successfully set it up with my QSC touchmix 16. It's a very easy set up and has worked flawlessly for me. Ethernet to USB adapter into mixer, ethernet cable to airport express. Takes 1 minute to set up.

    I have had absolutely no sucess setting up an external router with either of my Soundcraft Ui mixers. I don't know why it seems to be so much more complicated than the Behringer or QSC set ups. Maybe someone can walk me through it in non-tech language?

    I use different mixers for different shows and could use 3 different mixers in a given weekend. would I be better served having a dedicated router set for each mixer? I have the QSC, a Midas MR-18 and Souncraft ui12 and 16.
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    I had the same question last night. I own a Soundcraft UI16 and just bought a Mackie DL16. They both work great- especially since I put a +15 db antenna on the Soundcraft. But I'd like to put wi-fi routers on them both. Watching this thread...

    I do keep this post bookmarked for reference though:

    s0c9 said:
    No exposure to the UI16, but most other small-footprint digital consoles - I have used or have read about - tend to work better with an external access point (usually router) connected.
    Here's some thoughts if you go that route:
    • Turn off SSID broadcast (make sure your band folks know the network name to connect to).
    • Set the router IP to something other than the default - set a different third node, something like This will prevent pings from devices looking for open wireless networks and support use of DHCP to assign IP's. Make the mixer a STATIC IP as remote software will need to connect to it, and you don't want that IP changing every time you power up!
    • Set the router to use WPA2 (or better) security. If you want to go one step further you may be able to limit access to specific devices, but that will depend on the router software capabilities.
    • The router above is not dual-band, but if you go with a dual band, use the 5-GHz range for all your connected devices - if they support it.
    • Set up the router to use channels not in local use. - meaning use an app (like Fing or Wifi Analyzer) on your android/iOS device to see which channels are in use by the venue, and set your 2.4Ghz router channel to 1, 6 or 11 - whichever is the least congested. For a dual band router. set the 5-Ghz channel using the same approach.
    • Try not to put your router where its signal will be occluded by all the metal in a rack.. so side mount or get it up above.. Reception will be better."
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    Separate routers are not required. Can be done on one, if you want to save $$. To add to my content that @filmtex quoted above, here's what I do for multiple consoles on one router.

    Set up the router for DHCP [as you would normally] and set the starting DHCP IP up at 225. That will give you 225->254 (29 addresses) to connect various devices for band members to mix their IEM's, etc. That's plenty. If you want less, then start the DHCP address up at 230, or even 240.
    You then set up each console with a STATIC IP outside that range.
    So console "a" could be set to 105, console "b" to 106, console "c" to 107 and so on. Pick you own numbers above 1 and less than the starting DHCP address. I set mine up sequentially and in alpha order so I don't forget which is where.
    Since each different console [mostly/usually] has a different app to connect to it, you set the IP in the tablet app to the corresponding static console IP and you're done.
    Every time you power up the router/consoles a, b or c and start their app, you're good to go.
    Fairly simple.
    Let me know if you have questions.
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    All good practices given here. You don’t need multiple routers. Best to stay out of the 2.4G if you can. 5Gig is much quieter. I got nuthin that isn’t already said.