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For Trade: Akai Unibass

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by nickelseye, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. I no longer use this pedal so it's up for grabs. The power adaptor is not included, but Boss adaptors work fine. As far as what I want, I really don't know...hit me up with some offers. I paid around $170 I believe, yes I know they were on closeout for $99, but I wasn't that lucky. They're now discontinued...I'm not trying to make a profit, but I also don't want to "give" it away. Cash offers, pm me please...I don't want to turn this into a bidding war, otherwise it'd be on the bay. US 48 only please. Peace.

  2. bump bump

    I'd really like a Sansamp.
  3. Wrote someone on here and they only wanted to trade--I don't recall if that was you. I am interested in buying one of these... Thanks.
  4. Well, I'd rather trade. I will say that if it's a cash sale, I'd like to get around $150, including shipping to 48. I'd really like to trade for/towards a Sansamp, or MXR M-80. Possible trade for amp, or cab of similar value will also be considered.
  5. Sorry no paypal account. I accept postal money orders. PM for address if interested. Thanks.

  6. is this still available, if so i'm very interested
  7. Hey Brian,

    I got your pm and messaged you back. The Unibass has been sold. I should have posted this on the forum, sorry.

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