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For Trade: Early 70's Ampeg B-15S

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Johnny Alien, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. I have an early 70's Ampeg B-15S flip top combo. The "S" is for studio and this is the 60 watt B-15. Unfortunately I have found that even though it is the loudest of the flip tops it still isn't enough for me to use live. My goal when I got rid of my large rig was that I wanted a combo that I could use at home and live that was easier to transport than a head and refrigerator cab. I do mainly smaller club gigs so I figured a 60 watt tube combo would be enough but it simply isn't. I just got this thing looked over and it is in perfect "just came from the factory" electronic condition. It just got re-tubed as well. The exterior condition is very clean. It has very minor wear. I don't think the previous owner took it out much and I have had it to only one gig. I had the amp modded to use an exterior amp to cab cable instead of the weird attached plug that was on there originally. It comes with the original dolly. (NOTE: One of the screws that attaches the dolly permanently is bent. I used the dolly but never screwed it on so this screw is still bent. I am assuming that it can be bent back but I never tried) Finally, it has a brand new custom vinyl cover that was made for it by the fine fellows at fliptops.com.

    I am interested in any louder Ampeg combo or maybe a Yorkville combo. The Ampeg sound is what I like, but if you have an offer let it fly you never know.

    I am wanting to do this local. I don't want to have to ship this 100 lb+ tube amp and I think it would be nice for each of us to have a chance to check out the amps before swapping. I am in the central PA area (Harrisburg to be exact).

    This is an offer for a trade because I think it's easier and what I prefer. If you want to shoot me an offer to buy instead of trade (via email) feel free to do so but it would have to be local.

    Photo: http://www.jukeboxoverdrive.com/b15.jpg
  2. Busy posting day today. This dropped quickly!
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