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  1. I went to the land of the devil...Mars Music. But I only went in there to get directions on how to get away from there:D.
    Well anyways, I've been in the market for a new 5-stringer for awhile (you may remember the "4 or 5" thread) and I came across a MIM Fender std (or stp or something) Jazz bass (5 strings obviously). It was like $420. Since I'm still new to the whole going out and buying a new bass thing (this is my first time) I was wondering if this is a good price?
    I liked the sound (which I will make better with an upgrade, I think I might put a p-style p/u on it too...) and I liked the way it felt.
    A funny thing is that I found two of them and the had the exact same specs except one was midnight wine (thats the one I want) and the other was midnight blue. The weird thing about that is the blue one is like $20 or $30 cheaper:confused:. Probably something I missed.
    But anyway (sorry for the novel) is this a good price? Is it a good bass (i'm new and I have underdeveloped ears to this kind of stuff)? Thank you.

    P.S. PLEASE give me your opinion! Don't just write "do what you feel is best for you" crap. I wanted your complete biased view.
  2. john turner

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    Mar 14, 2000
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    yeah, MIM jazz 5's are pretty good, what i've seen of em. they definitely have potential.

    slap a j-retro in there and whoo-boy. :D

    as for the price, i would say that you should be able to get it for 400 even, but what do i know.
  3. RAM


    May 10, 2000
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    From the info you've provided, there are a couple things that spring to mind...

    1. The blue one might be from last year's stock, the wine-colored one from this year's.

    2. The store is trying to push the blue one because they've had it in stock for longer.

    3. The store is playing games, maybe because people are buying up the wine-colored ones faster. That means that the store is increasing the price to keep up with demand.

    4. Nothing else I can think of...
  4. Is there anyway I can tell what year it is? (I'm going back tomarrow)
  5. Well, since their not going to let you take the neck off :)

    I'm pretty sure they stamp the warrantee card thingie thats around the tuning pegs with the date... or you could go really crazy and compare the serial numbers on the back of the headstock... I dunno how those work, but if the blue one is alot smaller then the red one, there ya go :) (or I'm just an idiot, :))

    Yes indeed, I've been thinking about that same beast.. I like it alot :D
  6. Well I didn't go today:(. But, I might go tomarrow. Or I might go down to Sam Ash and see if they have the same thing for cheaper. It is so great to finally have a car and not be limited to the 7 bass selection at the only music shop in bike distance.:cool:
  7. the truth lies in the serial numbers... and its super easy to read serial numbers from mid 70's? to present. at the begining, there will be an M (mexico) z(0 as in the first of two digits in the second half of the years e.x. 01 ) and then a number. that number is the second digit of what year. So for example if the begining of the serial number is MZ0 it tells you its mexican made fender, made in 2000. if it starts out as MZ1, its mexican fender, and made in 01. on fenders from the 90's, it'll have a N for nine, as in MN9 meaning mexican made, and made in 99.
  8. Thanks, does this apply with non fenders too?
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    Nope. Every company has their own logic for serial numbers.

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    ... Well I sinned first, but I'm a Catholic and I can go to confession!:D

    I have the same bass, in the midnight blue, I bought it last year at Mars. They hiked the prices up since then, mine was only 350$. I have always thought that the fit and finish on mine was very good, considering the price range of the bass. Everything feels very solid, from the neck joint to the knobs to the strap buttons. I even think the b string feels pretty good, but I think it sounds a tad on the muddy side, not enough to worry! The bass has been solid and has done well with everything that I have tried to do with it... I think the neck feels great, and I love the pao ferro fretboard. I think it looks so much better than normal rosewood, but I couldn't tell you what affect, if any, it has to the sound. My only problem with it is I am still looking for a nice set of replacement pickups, probably will go with Dimarzio ultra jazz 5's. There doesn't seem to be a lot of options for 5 string jazz out there that I have found...

    There you go, there are my opinions on it! I like it!

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  11. is it a good bass? haven't heard anything bad about them.

    is it a good price? shop around... even though mail order is cheap, there's value in being able to play the instrument you're going to buy, so good for you. not to mention, it's nice having the dealer greet you with a smile each time you walk thru the door (you just bought a bass from them)

    you want a complete and unbiased opinion?
    if it were me, i'd buy an MTD kingston for another twenty bucks:eek:
  12. I'm sorry this is way off topic (in my own thread too!) but this made me crack up! Where did you get that from?
  13. lo-end


    Jun 15, 2001
    does this system work the same with MIA Fenders?? Like, would it be AZ1 for 2001? Could you write out a few serial numbers with their corresponding years for Mexico and America to give me some idea, because Im still a little confused... :confused:
  14. I did it! I went down to Sam Ash to compare prices and sure enough, Sam Ash is like $40 cheaper for the exact same bass, same color and everything (Midnight Wine). Its in my lap right now. Ahh finally relief from this 3 month GAS i've had. Pics to come soon (If i find a camera).