Former Lurker, Now a Poster!

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    Mar 9, 2006
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    After lurking for about a half a year, I'm now a fully fledged TBer! I've been playing bass since....ahem...1969, but i still rock with the best of them! I've played everything from pop to rock to traditional jazz, fusion jazz, funk, folk, blues, hip-hip, in church groups and even for a few broadway musicals. No metal or rap, though.

    I started on guitar at 8 years old and added the bass at 10 1/2 and have played continuously since then - semi-pro but never professionally. I still play some acoustic guitar but since everyone "always needs a bass player," I've played bass in all the many bands I've played with over the years and I love it. With the bass, you get to play both melodically and rythmically at the same time, and that's a unique position in most groups!

    My newest bass is a fantastic Roscoe LG-3005 Fretless with a gorgeous redwood burl top, mahogany body, unlined black ebony board, wedge neck, and a Demeter preamp (thank you, Gard and Keith!). Smooth, sweet yet fat sound. My fretted bass is a 1992 Tobias Classic 5 in Zebra/Wenge/Alder that I bought new - another fantastic bass. My closet includes a Rick 4001 i got in high school and Fender fretless P-bass.

    My current rig is a SWR SM-400 with 2 Aggie GS112s which replaced a Goliath II -- quite an improvement in tone and the Goliath was pretty darn good. Now i'm looking for a good small combo to replace a Workingman's 12 that just didn't cut for the Roscoe. Maybe a Phil Jones Briefcase or new Suitcase??

    Lookin' forward to sharing bass stories and reviews with all of you!