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Found a drummmer, now i need to find my confidence

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Trent-35, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. I finally found a drummer for a band project thing i want to try, been looking for months. The guy was a sub a few weeks ago and blew me away with his solid, not too loud, COMMON SENSE FILLED, drumming. We've been playing phone tag for weeks, and he called me last night and told me he loved what i did and he was interested in the project. I gave him the "bad parts" of it, like needing a commitment, don't want hired guns, and us having to woodshed and get tight, and not much $ at first ect, but he wants to do it, so great! I've already had the other players in place for awhile, i play with a few of them every week. So i'm pumped about it!
    The problem is since i talked to him yesterday, my confidence to do my own project is suddenly seriously lacking. Maybe just a phase, i dunno. I've been the "unofficial" band leader of several bands i've been in, but never had one that was my own baby, and featured me, though i want to feature everyone and for it to truly be a band project. I know the guys that play with me already respect me, but man, i feel like a shrinking violet about now about the whole thing. Maybe i'm afraid of sucess? Trent:eek:
  2. Unless you have an anxiety disorder or something, you should be pretty sweet, bro. Just relax and let the moozik flow, dude!

    Just remember, its better to be making music than to be sitting on yo @ss at home with no one to share your musical ideas!
  3. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    One thing that helps me, Trent;

    - When I finally go to the nursing home, how will I feel if I look back and have to think about the time I was too afraid to take a shot???
  4. It will be awsome! You never get anywhere without trying ... and the more you try the more you will fail, but in the same light - the more you will succeed..

    I have a funny story from when I was playing drums. I got called to record 'Dark side' with some guys. I knew all the songs, but for some reason when I got there I was really freaked out by the stage we played on, all the lights and the guy in the corner doing the recording. I played SO BAD! It got to the point where we skipped two songs. But to tell you the truth I never gained more cofidence from anything in my life! I realized that failing was not half as bad a people make it out to be(I left with a big smile on my face becasue I failed and lived to tell the tale). Its actually quite easy to fail! Everytime I played after that I was SO confident because I lost my fear of failure, there was nothing to be scared of anymore ...

    You will be great - go for it FULL ON!

  5. (Hi Rick. Merry Christmas.)

    Confidence is a funny thing. I'm playing tonight and am - or sould I say, was - starting to get the old nervous / no confidence thing again:rolleyes:

    As really daft as it sounds, I've just made myself a list to read to boost my confidence for tonight. Top of the list was a few lines about about my old Uncle Harry who was just carted off to a nursing home. He's got Alzeimers (spelling?). No more gigs for that old guy.....Not in this world anyway.

    No. Rick's right. Just go for it, mate. Knock 'em dead. I'm determined I'm going to and you must, too.

    All the best for your project, Trent. And, of course, a merry Christmas to you, too.

  6. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Trent I have been through the same situation. Last year I wrote some stuff. This year I formed a band and on the 17th Nov we did our first gig. I wrote 6 of the 7 pieces as well as sang 3 of em and played guitar (dont ask). It took four days to come down!

    I retired the band until March due to other commitments and some of the band and some of the adience have asked me when we are 'up' again.

    Until we actually did the gig I wasnt sure that we were any good or more importantly that I was any good.

    Tip 1 Bribe the band with cola and crisps (chips)

    Tip 2 Invite a load of friends/family to gigs

    Tip 3 Dont show them that you are terrified
  7. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    Think you're great. The rest will follow :D ;) :cool:

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