Found a MIM Fender JB on Facebook...pretty sure it's been refinished

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Brandon Salazar, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Brandon Salazar

    Brandon Salazar

    Jul 6, 2014
    IMG_7823.PNG IMG_7823.PNG IMG_7824.PNG IMG_7825.PNG IMG_7826.PNG IMG_7827.PNG So I found a MIM JB on Facebook. It's going for $360. Has some chips and dents in all the right places, which I think is a plus. It's not reliced, just worn. The color is white, that I initially though was fading into a creamy color based on it's age and usage, but I'm pretty sure it's been repainted.

    In general, I have no problem with refinishing guitars. My main electric guitars are a refinished Squier Bullet Mustang and a Partscaster Jazzmaster. My P-Bass is a 2007 Titan that's got about 5 different colors sitting on top of each other. My only problem with this is that this would be my first Fender (My main bass is 2009 Thunderbird) and I just feel wrong about spending good money on someone else's project.

    The serial number MN8153658 leads you to a Standard Jazz Bass® (1991-2001), Rosewood Fingerboard, Midnight Blue. That configuration lines up with the funky blackout Strat knobs. The black screws are also a giveaway that the pickguard is a replacement. If you look at some of the scuffs on the bottom, the color peeking through seems to be blue IMO. My main issue here is the markings on the back. At first it looks like two weird scuff marks, but I'm pretty sure that it's the replacement lacquer starting to peel. The only reason I think that is that I bought what appears to be an unbranded 1970's Japanese P Bass that had the same weird scuffs. When I ran my fingers over them with pressure, the lacquer peeled off in big chunks.

    That bass cost me 30 dollars, so it was always a project. I plan on gigging this bass. Also, just a slight annoyance, but it says it has Line 6 Noiseless pickups. When I type that into Google and Youtube, nothing comes up. I mean nothing. No websites. No videos. No pictures. No proof that Line 6 ever made bass pickups. Yet, in the pictures of the bass, you can clearly see that the pickups covers read Line 6. If you're gonna fake pickup covers, wouldn't you use a known pickup brand like SD or EMB or even Fender? I'm sure they're authentic, but the fact that I find no proof of them tells me they're either real old or IDK.

    To be fair to the seller, I'm not alleging that this is a fake or ripoff. I believe this is an authentic 1999 Midnight Blue MIM Jazz Bass. The neck looks good. The body tells me that this thing was loved and played quite a bit. My fear is that in a year, I'm going to be peeling the finish off of this guitar. I could be crazy and that this refinish color really is just starting to fade, which I like. The off white is really doing it for me. If you look at the curve on the body, you can see artic white fading into the yellowed, which tells me it's been played a bunch. Also, the reflection in the bass body is great, so If it is a refinish, it's a good one.

    You guys tell me. Does this look like a paint job that is peeling or is it just a well used bass that is aging? Also, does anyone think this isn't a Midnight Blue refinish? Is the HiMass Bridge and the neck worth it to take the parts from this and just buy a Fender body off Reverb and make a JB on the cheap?
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