Found my sound now how loud?

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  1. I really do believe the sound I want is in a flat frequency cabinet! I realized it when I've sat down with some new flat response headphones and plugged my bass into them and left the pre flat. Love the sound but I miss the low end, but I hear acme speakers fill the void of low end.

    Here is my problem. Will a b2 be loud enough? I am currently playing through an eden metro that is getting roughly [email protected] rms that equals 127 max db. A b2 would only reach 118db max at 350rms. But my real question is what would really be louder to the human ear on stage in real life?

    Note: I am planning on putting 500 watts into this b2 and am going to use it as a stage monitor.
    I am also considering getting a b4 and putting 1000 watts into it and maybe just maybe get 2 b2's.
  2. geshel


    Oct 2, 2001
    Compared to other bass cabs, maybe. But, they are designed to have a flat response - so they should sound very much like your headphones.

    However -- headphones bass is not the same as "over the air" bass. So it could very well be that the Acme sound will have the low end you're wanting. They certainly do have it.

    Louder is louder. The Acme can probably put out as much, or more, volume at 30-60Hz than the Eden can. Eden speakers have a big bump in the 80-100Hz range I think, which is where much of their perceived loudness comes from.

    500w into a B2 should sound great, especially as a stage monitor. 118 dB is plenty.
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    Nov 27, 2002
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    If the Lows are important to you more than the higher frequencies:
    Something to look at might be what the cabinets will produce at a certain frequency. Take the fundamental of a Low E at 41hz or the Low B at 30hz. At maximum power, what will each cabinet produce.
    According to Acme's site the cabinet is -3db at 41hz and -6db at 31hz. I guess this would be 115db and 112db at 350watts.

    I don't know what the specs are on the Eden cabinet but the Eden Cabs I've have played in the past were very efficient (and loud) though they did not produce very deep lows (45hz and below).
    If you have the specs you could determine the volume at the above frequencies to compare.
  4. I'm thinking might be the way to go but I'm curious as to how it will compete with my loud guitarist.
  5. I can only speak of what I know...

    I'm running a Peavey DPC 1400X into a 4ohm Acme Low B-4 and it is litterally EARTHSHAKING. My guitarist runs a MM HD130 (4-10's w/130 watts of tube power) at a reasonably loud volume. I also must compete with a seriously hard hitting drummer. Our vocalist is also a serious power house with a natural 3 octave range. The music is an original blend of rock/r-n-b/funk/dance, etc... On a recent out-door gig with no support from the PA I had absolutely no problem being heard. I was running what seemed (to me) to be a reletively low volume but at 30'' out from the stage we were clear as a bell and registering 95db on the meter. I was also complemented numerous times on my bass tone. IMHO, Acme is the only way to go! You won't be sorry. Just make sure you have the power and forget everything you knew about EQ!
  6. I like the flat sound too, but I end up boosting the bass a tiny bit, and the mids a little more than the bass, but not by much. But as for tuning, how are the avatar cabs tuned? Flat?
  7. geshel


    Oct 2, 2001
    I'd bet the Avatar cabs are not flat - most of them roll off considerably higher than the Acmes - not unlike various other cabs on the market.
  8. thumbtrap


    Jun 26, 2003