Found the right Lakland 55-02!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Lakland. I like the company and how they do business. I love the fact that they're Chicago-based. I've been fortunate to meet Dan Lakin more than once and I think he's a really nice guy. I also think they make some great instruments. I've had several Laklands but none of them were exactly right. Well, this one is really working for me -- check out this 55-02! (It has the natural quilted finish -- the darker color on the left is a result of the lighting)


    My last 55-02 had the Bart electronics and it had also been <ahem> well-loved. It was player but it wasn't pretty. This one is pretty and it has the new Lakland electronics and I can definitely hear the difference. I can't wait to get to rehearsal to hear this one in an ensemble context.

    I've often said that the 55-02 is one of the most versatile fivers out there. This one proves me right. I'm glad to be back in the Lakland club and this one is a keeper!
  2. Dr. Cheese

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    Mar 3, 2004
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    That is a great looking bass, and I know from experience that the 55-02 is a versatile design. Give us a three month update after the honeymoon!;)
  3. perkidan


    Sep 13, 2000
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    Beautiful bass. I have the 55-02 deluxe just like that except for mine is rosewood fingerboard. I have the BArts in mine....what do you see is the main difference in sound between those and the new Lakland pups? Thanks!
  4. MingusBass

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    So did you pick that up at My Music in Golden Valley?
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    Cool Lakland. What happened to all the Sadowsky's you owned? That was you wasn't it?
  6. I'd have to say the same as everyone else. The Lakland electronics are less warm and more cutting. There's more of an edge. That Bart sound is great in your bedroom but it can get a little "lost in the mix." The LH-3's have more of a snarl to them.
    Yep -- they're a great store!
    LOL - yes, it was me. I loved my Sadowskys to death but at this stage of the game, I needed to get cash out of my bass collection and into the "Engagement Ring Fund." (look at how my signature has shrunk!)

    I'm sure I'll own another Sad one day (Roger is a class act and his instruments/service are also first rate) but for now, I needed to re-allocate my assets.
  7. LUCKY!!!
  8. basspraiser

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    Congrats on another Lakie! Love it.....

    BTW - is your avatar a political endorsement? I thought we were not supposed to talk politics! (just kidding!)

    next time I am in Minneapolis, I will have to stop by My Music!
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    Congrats on the new Lakland (it sure is a looker)!

    Congrats on the engagement!

    and congrats on the gig you played!!
  10. lpdeluxe

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    Very, very nice bass. Just when I think I'm covered with my Precisions ('51 RI, Classic '50s, and fretless) I see a gorgeous Lakland like that -- in my favorite finish -- and the daydreams start up again.
  11. msquared


    Sep 19, 2004
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    That is hot. Congratulations!
  12. Beauty!

    How much difference do you think there is between the maple and rw boards for this bass, and how would you characterize that difference if there is any?
  13. nubs


    Mar 1, 2005
    LAKLANDS RULE!! wish i had another new Lakie!