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Four (4) Lava Clear Connect cables - $90

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by VroomVroom, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    For sale are four (4) Lava Clear Connect 1/4" instrument cables:


    - Two 12' straight-straight
    - Two 12' straight-right angle

    These cables are in near-new condition (two have never even left the house - I just can't recall which ones) and are, "known good." Those familiar with this model of cable may already be nodding heads, but that distinction is important. These use solderless connectors, and are somewhat notorious for failing. Lava has recently completely redesigned the cable, and now markets it as the Clear Connect II.

    I just tested all four of these cables, and they work fine. However, full disclosure: I have had other Clear Connect cables fail...on gigs. Lesson learned. I still hold the company in very high regard, but I now use their ELC, Soar, and Ultramafic cables.

    I would definitely encourage the new owner to consider soldering the connections. I've known folks to have done this with their Clear Connect cables, with stellar results. (The ends themselves are of excellent quality, as is the cable...it really just comes down to the marriage of the two.) New, Clear Connects retailed for over $60 each. I've priced these four cables such that, even if you hire a guitar tech to do the soldering, you'll end up with four premium cables at a terrific price.

    So...terms: you send me $90, via PayPal, and I send you (CONUS only) these four cables via USPS Priority Mail.

    FWIW, I'm also selling two Boss effects pedals, listed here:


    I would be happy to sell these cables and both pedals for $195, Paypal/USPS Priority (same terms as above).

    Thanks for your time, and happy shopping!
  2. Bumparoni...
  3. Ok, in case price is an issue, let's drop this action down to $60, shipped CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. $160 shipped if you'd like to include both pedals in the same box.

    I'd really like these out of the house. :D Thanks for looking...
  4. And....sold. Thanks!

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