four finger technique on an ERB can it be done?

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    I'm working, to no avail to get that garrison/feraud four finger technique to work on my 6 string. But i'm having a hell of a time trying to mute and get rid of the ringing. I'm mainly predisposed to T-I-M-R but I can work variations of it. But I cannot get a hang of muting. And I've tried scrunchies, the whole bit, but I'm still getting ring out. Has anyone been able to do it yet and make it work? I'm noticing now, in looking at all those vids, that all those guys who seem to be noteworthy for that technique are only playing fives... is that the case? Is a 5'er the effective celing for that type of technique?

    Heeeelllp! :confused:
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    Not sure if this is waht you were asking but i find that muting is the subtlety that makes a player great because it really involves a both hands working in counterpoint to eachother .like hand drumming .Most of the muting that i do with a lazy cuped technique laying my whole left hand acroos the strings resulting in only the fretted tone to sound .
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    adam nitti employs a technique very similar to the garrison style. he calls it "flamenco hybrid". you can hear it on his tune "divine wind" and others. he plays a 6-string bass.
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    Finally got the vids made for you. Muting advice for plucking this way using a six-string:
    First part: