Fractal Axe FX and active vs. passive bass

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  1. Antoan


    Apr 8, 2015

    There are many threads about active vs. passive, but I could not find one that is specific to Fractal Axe FX or Ax8 gear.

    I own old passive Warwick (cheap chinese streamer rockbass) and of course Iam looking for an upgrade. Iam also using Fractal Ax8 and FRFR monitor.

    My basic "chain" is bass - compressor - darkglassBK7 - Mesa boogie bass amp - Ampeg 8x10 - Parametric EQ.

    Considering that the tone in Ax8 is very shapeable, should I really look for active bass? Or the benefits will not be so big to justify the difference in price?

    Thank you (sorry for my weird english)
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    Get an active bass if you think you will need the ability to boost certain frequencies on the bass itself. I'd imagine with Fractal that you have all the options for tone shaping in there anyway.
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  3. Antoan


    Apr 8, 2015
    How can I know if I will need to boost the frequencies on the bass itself? I only know that I wont turn the knobs much to change the sound on the fly live.
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