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Franken (fender) neck for my Peavy?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by PlattsADA, May 19, 2003.

  1. hi, my peavy fury II is a peice of poop with NO built in relief. I have long liked the body shape and the single soapbar pickup, active eq, and preamp, of the peavy body, but have loathed the disgustingly thin, (and in the lower register buzzy) neck.

    I was wondering if anybody has ever done anything like what I want to do...

    I want to take a p or J neck and bolt it on in the place of the peavy neck.... I know that this violates the warentee, but I don't know that the warentee will get me a anything but another crappy peavy neck.

    SO any advice or ideas, stories etc, can be sent to me here: punk_patriot411@yahoo.com

  2. how do you measure the scale, so that I can make sure that it will intonate properly should I replace it?
  3. pkr2


    Apr 28, 2000
    coastal N.C.
    As long as you use a 34" scale neck you should be able to make it work. Major mods may have to be done to the neck pocket to make any retrofit neck work.

    I don't understand your comment about no built in neck relief. The fury has an adjustable truss rod that will allow any amount of relief to be dialed in. It even has a neck tilt adjustment. No need for this bass to buzz.

    A decent setup may make you not want to possibly destroy a decent player.

  4. I was supposed to get a manual for the bass when I purchased it and peavy never sent it... (there was a little card thing that the dealer gave me to send away for it with)

    how do you adjust the neck so the darn thing works?

    The neck curretly has no relief... Right now the neck is under tension beause of the strings, and the truss rod is compleatly loose, and it's still perfectly straight. If I were to add any tension to the truss rod it would bow backwards.

    It used to be set up "perfectly" at the shop, but it also had big fat strings on it, whcih created alot more tension. I have allways liked playing with medium-light gauge strings, and since I changed them, it's been POOP.

    any info you can give me before I do somthing awful to it would be appreciated.

    I was thinking about just selling it and buying somthing descent and solid. I have a (paying!) job at a playhouse that I am playing in the pit for and need to get myself an electric bass that works.
  5. I checked peavey.com for the manual and they have the manual for the 1983 fury, and 1996 fury, but not the fury II...

    As far as neck tilt adjust, I dont' see any fifth screw that the manual talks about...
  6. pkr2


    Apr 28, 2000
    coastal N.C.
    The reason your relief disappeared is because of the change to lighter guage strings.

    If you leave it tuned to standard or a bit higher for a long enough period of time with the truss rod loose the relief will return to the neck.

    You can speed up the process a little by temporarily putting a spacer about 3/4" thick between the fretboard and the strings at the last fret. the change in tension angle will increase the bending force of the strings. keep a pretty constant check on things when using the spacer since it's easy to go too far.

    I wouldn't worry about the neck tilt too much since it's not an adjustment that needs correcting very often once it's properly set.

    You might Email Peavey customer service with any questions. They have a very good reputation for customer service.

    hope this helps


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