For Sale Franken P (Price Drop $150).

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    122CB0A8-3110-470A-B2EF-E80931BE0D70.jpeg 122CB0A8-3110-470A-B2EF-E80931BE0D70.jpeg 89641905-D261-4FCD-B83D-0DE2D1595731.jpeg A9F027BF-3DBD-4C0C-85F7-D693A38A56A5.jpeg 43450471-21AE-4A48-A52A-0C0E9A209C47.jpeg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Hi all. I have a Fender/Squire Franken P with a Lindy Fralin pickup and Del Tone flats on it. I think it is really a 20th Anniversary Squire with aftermarket neck and Fender sticker, but I really can’t be sure. Sounds great and plays well. Body is a matte not gloss black. Truss rod works and electronics have no issues. I will include the stock pick up as well. Will ship in a soft gig bag and packed carefully. I have gigged it in a blues club and sounded great. Besides no fear of it being stolen! I’ll take $150.00 plus shipping via USPS for it which is pretty much the cost of the Fralin.
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