Frankenstein In Need Of A Facelift

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    May 30, 2003
    As some of you know I recently resurrected and drastically improved a 1995 Warmoth build by adding a vintage Gretsch pickup [didn't realize Fender was thinking the same:eyebrow:], removing the pick guard, contouring a deep V neck profile, and heavy MJT relic finish.


    I was so please with the results I decided an even earlier build [1992] could use the same treatment. A friend made the body, applied the pearloid binding, and did the final finishing. The highly figured birdseye maple neck came from Warmoth. My dad made the solid brass, chrome plated bridge and control plate. Powered by a custom shop SD single stack PU.


    These pics hide the multiple scars, blemishes, and a nasty mishap w/ a Dremmel that accumulated over the years.:scowl: So it's the perfect candidate for a facelift.

    The list of changes:
    1-Remove pick guard and fill holes.
    2-Add deep V contour to neck.
    3-Add TV Jones Thunderblade PU.
    4-Custom pearloid thumb rest.
    5-MJT slight wear finish in Inca Silver Metallic.

    This should make a great winter project and will hopefully be done by summer.:bassist:
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  2. As a matter of interest what did you request from MJT? i.e. what did you order from them in your first build? It looks amazing BTW.

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    May 30, 2003
    Thanks, mate!
    The first build request was for a heavy wear finish, regular checking, and neck w/ heavy wear and vintage tint. They also aged the hardware. Working w/ MJT was a pleasure and I received exactly what I had envisioned. I used the existing pics they provide on their website to give examples of wear I was looking to achieve and they did just that.


    The next project will have only slight wear in comparison.
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