Freaky new demo tune - by me

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  1. I finally got round to getting in the studio at a friend's house to record some bass-orientated tracks. I didn't have anything written and as this was my first time in a few years, laying down a purely bass track i got a bit carried away in places but i think bits of it show promise. We used Groove Agent which supplied some pretty good drum parts, all the fills are programmed but still have a 'natural' feel to them, plsu you can vary the business of the groove, hence the mellow start, breakdown in the middle and the chilled ending. In short I think the start and finish are the nicest parts but the mad solo sections need organising - I'd love to hear your ever helpful comments - and please bear in mind the track isn't mixed at all yet - so that may imporve what's there. I will be doing more of these but I will write as much of the tune as possible prior to recording - anyway I hope you like some it.

    <b><a href=>Green - (It's Not Easy Being) MP3</a></b>
  2. wulf


    Apr 11, 2002
    Oxford, UK
    Sounds quite fun. Break it down for us - what basses, what FX, what amps (if any), etc.

  3. It's just my warwick Thumb going direct with an EBS Bass IQ and a Whammy Pedal for the last solo bit - I'm going to add distortion to that high line at the end - but that's it. I know the tracks clash a bit - and harmonically there's not a lot going on but I just wanted to do a groove based thing...
  4. wulf


    Apr 11, 2002
    Oxford, UK
    What's the EBS Bass IQ?

  5. The Bass IQ is arguably the finest stomp-box envelope filter you can buy - I had a Q Tron that I thought would be the best - especially at £180 - but it never worked well live - the IQ has loads of different sounds and is extremely reponsive to how hard you attack the strings - if it sounds like I'm an EBS fan - it's because I am!

    <img src=> see here for more info:
  6. Benjamin Strange

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    Dec 25, 2002
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    I would hardly call this a freaky song. Sounds like a normal fusiony slap fest.

    However... dude, you smoke. Wow. I like.
  7. DWBass

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    I dig it! Nice playing! My only gripe is regarding the panning of the main/solo/lead basslines! Why so far to the right?
  8. The 'freaky' ref was really cos I lost the plot towards the middle - I am going to go darker on the next one though - thanks for checking it out. and thanks for digging what I do - I like you sh*t too dude.
  9. It's not mixed yet so hopefully I'll sort that soon - thanks again for the compliments - this was all improvised so the end result is pretty good considering - but I can do better so expect more soon.

  10. This is pretty damn cool! nice work, munki :D

    the snare has that PING kinda of feeling but they do sound quite natural, to me, I'm really diggin' your tone, too.
    awesome. :)
  11. Thanks again fellah - nice to see someone at the other end of the country hanging here, big fan of Scotland dude

    My tone in part is thanks to some pre-set EQ's in Cuebase - the first slap line is using the old Marcus Miller tone - but as I went direct I think that it's the only way to avoid sounding a bit flat.
  12. Josh Ryan

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    Mar 24, 2001
    Smokin' good work man! Can't wait to hear a polished version.
  13. OrionManMatt


    Feb 17, 2004

    Great tone out of the Warwick. :thumbs up:
  14. It's funny because as much as I lust after Wooten et al's Fodera's you can do so much with your fingers that getting a variety of tones across the bass, providing your instrument is well set up - and with a little pick-up switching - you can get some great sounds from almost any half-decent bass - I'm lucky cos my Warwick is just lovely.

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