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free "album"

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by deepbob, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. deepbob


    Oct 3, 2001
    left field
    alright gents, try this on for size.

    trying to learn how to do a whole series of from learning the bass, to basic sound engineering, to working over the net with sound and sticking this stuff in videos, and suchlike, my ultimate goal.

    in the process i realised i had a bunch of leftover practice bits that made great sopping amounts of recordings which could be used for the same purpose as it was loaded with effects despite poor musicianship and them all being merely jam sessions with no rhyme or reason.

    so i'm releasing it all on the net for free in the public domain in the hopes some poor producer needs some filler, and give me an excuse to go through the entire process.

    thought you all might find that idea interesting - turn your throw away bits into stuff others can use, support the EFF's various concepts on intellectual property distribution, etc.

    also to inspire actual musicians to post their stuff more frequently when they hear the kind of atmospheric rubbish that follows...

    early times
    _______________________ --
    composed, performed & produced by schmee.

    all pieces are improvised on roland v-drums (TD-10), a dean bass, a shure stage mic, a digitech BP200 (effects), and is mixed from a VS-880EX digital workstation, transferred to CD, and mastered in Sound Forge XP.

    if you are paying for access to these recordings you are being ripped off. feel free to distribute as you care to.

    fyi, nothing else in this post, eg imagery, is up for grabs or can be used in the public domain, for profit.

    tom float
    (1.6 Mbs) 3.57 minutes

    by extension
    (1.8 Mbs) 4.24 minutes

    (1.6 Mbs) 3.50 minutes

    (.6 Mbs) 1.35 minutes

    can't dance
    (2 Mbs) 4.56 minutes

    (1.4 Mbs) 3.21 minutes

    reversed layup
    (.5 Mbs) 1.04 minutes

    (2 Mbs) 4.49 minutes


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