FREE Eden 15" Cab w/ Speaker! SoCal.

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  1. No trick here - a genuine FREE cab loaded with a 400 Watt Carvin 15" speaker (8 ohms). Speaker is in very good condition. Cab is a piece of junk. :eyebrow: And it's HUGE. I think it's a sub for a PA system back before Eden made bass amps. I dunno. It doesn't sound very good, and is in poor condition.

    I made the speaker grill today out of metal from Home Depot - just to protect the speaker from getting damaged. I tried it out, and it rattles the grill when you play it. Hahaha

    Just relined the cab with new foam inside (today).

    Basically, it's good for the 15" speaker and you can throw the cab away on the way home if you want. I don't care!

    Now, is it really free? I wouldn't mind taking a trade for *anything small & working* - and that can include 9V batteries (actually, I could use some of those!) as long as they're not used, or anything else music related you feel to offer me in trade.

    Only available to TB'ers. Will NOT ship (!) and will NOT deliver.

    I'm in Thousand Oaks, CA. Just get this cab out of my garage. :ninja:

    Here's pics!



    Pic with bass (NOT for sale) for size reference - it's HUGE!

  2. I WISH I was still in SoCal!!! :atoz: :crying:

    The only time I'm the first one to see a free ad and it's far away... :bawl:
  3. mrkreuzschlitz


    Jun 30, 2008
    Dacula, GA
    Still won't ship if I cover it and then some?
  4. Pet Politics

    Pet Politics My real name is Michael, but how exciting is that?

    Nov 14, 2007
    Burbank, CA
    Eh.. CHanged my mind.. Don't feel like doing the drive.
  5. Nope - sorry. I don't even want to lift it into my car ever again. :spit:

    hahaha - I understand! :)
  6. pickles

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    Mar 23, 2000
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    Whoa -- old school eden! That must be like Goliath I era. I'd come get it just to hear it, but I don't need it -- Some kid will be stoked. See if the local high school needs it.
  7. i am in India :(
  8. Other acceptable trades:

    A Strap
    A cheap tuner
    A Sharpie marker
    A small flashlight
    An Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle

    You know, just something I can actually USE! :D
  9. I love the back panel. 1 'Input', everything else ripped out...:bassist:

    Don't think I'm not contemplating picking this up, busting it up and making a compact 15" cab. It would go perfect under the 2x10 I bought from you...

    How much do you suppose the speaker weighs on it's own?
  10. The speaker has some weight to it... it's the Carvin PS-15, I think it's a 10 pound magnet.

    If you're looking for a project cab to redesign, this could be something. Would take some work to make it "compact". ;)

    Actually, if you put it sideways, it would fit pretty well under that 2x10 cab... but that 2x10 sounds SO much nicer than this 15!
  11. mr.redpants


    Feb 6, 2002
    maybe not -
    but I just threw a $50 CL speaker into an old old cab I built30 years ago to leave at my practice space ... I got hints from parts express and it turned out GREAT. I'm really happy with it.
    I'm sure the rattle of the grill can be fixed ...
  12. This is still here??? It's FREE! The Carvin speaker alone is $70 new + shipping.

    Please help get this out of my garage so I can park my car in there again...

    Other possible trades:
    Roll of red duct tape
    Cable clips to hold cables when tied up
  13. Pet Politics

    Pet Politics My real name is Michael, but how exciting is that?

    Nov 14, 2007
    Burbank, CA
    Ok ok.. if it's still around tomorrow, I will come pick it up after work.

    I have an old bass tuner without a battery lid, and a half a roll of electrical tape, for trade.
  14. Accepted! :D