SOLD Free! Jazz Bass Parts from SX Import Jazz Bass U Pay Shipping

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  1. Thud Staff

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    Jan 2, 2017
    Houston TX
    United States
    Free! If you will pay USPS Priority Small Box ($8.95 to CONUS and AK, HI, PR)

    • Jazz Bass Pickup set, calibrated Neck and Bridge size (meaning a ‘short’ and ‘long’), ceramic and steel. kOhm readings in pics. I added extension wire, with cloth/push back style. These sounded pretty good, IMHO.
    • Jazz Bass pickup cover, bridge size
    • Knob set, push on for 6mm spline
    • Knob set, aluminum, for import spline and solid and some split shaft (CTS, Bourns, etc). Set screw, approx 5/8 X 5/8
    • Strap buttons, chrome
    • Tuner set: these are pretty cool and good construction. SX did not cheap out on these. However, they’re kind of oddball: shaft requires a 9/16 headstock ream/hole. They are moser construction, with a threaded barrel/washer, 2 screw anchor, with adjustable tension. Pretty decent hardware. I’ve added some pics of measurements.
    PM me if you want these. PayPal will get it to you ASAP.

    55B30702-9C86-420D-AB31-D911B82FF18E.jpeg C0961D89-2762-4BD4-91F4-75E088A41F21.jpeg 6370A055-9856-4682-A1A2-CA1244AE09FB.jpeg DBC3242A-0FFD-4992-B5FD-C33B4DD680E4.jpeg 46F94CAC-1399-4C6E-A6BE-D143DCA94D4F.jpeg 3C701D32-716A-4432-B3F3-D65BA676B8EF.jpeg 9007FA66-9784-4403-A285-F36FBCD1D4C0.jpeg E2544ADC-5D22-476F-A722-69E89334B524.jpeg 1C623042-4744-4637-9E50-821A7C65892A.jpeg E7CA94B4-E805-459A-8DF5-06749CB932C2.jpeg D8ACA967-E449-42A9-B790-6FF8824E67A9.jpeg B1564970-4CF7-48D3-9D04-21A5A8C5C46E.jpeg 050096AD-AFC4-45EC-8DBE-505F7984D4CA.jpeg 5EBBD76B-6C87-4127-9482-1923751507AD.jpeg 89343B9A-D5B1-4FB0-BC0D-271F03C400E8.jpeg 9E46B231-9459-4F1C-A92C-60B5526AD5CF.jpeg 8E55F02B-B3FE-484D-B21D-C74DEC2D6A1F.jpeg
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    Jan 2, 2017
    Houston TX
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