SOLD Free! Parts Pickup Plate Ferrules Knobs Pots Hipshot Dunlop Stuff! You pay shipping CONUS

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  1. Thud Staff

    Thud Staff Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    United States
    Free to a good home! Just pay $5 shipping to CONUS.

    - NEW Custom Tele Bass control plate, 3 hole. Plated zinc. 5-1/4” L X 1-5/16” W holes are 5/16”
    - NEW Tele Precision Knobs: aluminum set-screw, fit 1/4” solid shaft and split shaft w/adaptation.
    - USED Import chrome dome Knobs, fit import spline shafts
    - USED Import “Precision” wiring harness (no jack) 250K pots, .047 mfd cap
    - USED/NOT ABUSED Hipshot 4 string retainer,with mount screws
    - NEW Dunlop strap lock buttons, black with mount screws
    - USED Bar style string retainers: 1X black, 1X chrome, 1X chrome for 2 strings
    - NEW Chrome Neck screws and ferrules, 1/2” diameter
    - USED black string ferrules qty 3, 9/16-ish diameter

    All packed and ready. Check my other listings, maybe you want to do a package deal.

    PM me with any questions.

    EA91A8ED-A900-41D4-A57C-84E7B9B72212.jpeg 0D247986-6B29-400A-9A50-6E0244E4E801.jpeg 5759FD0D-BC89-4BE9-A4B9-6EF47E4E3494.jpeg A603AB35-67C8-4DE6-AA43-45E3F009FE0A.jpeg 60EF5328-0F9F-4698-A5F3-4E0C08783791.jpeg 63A4EF36-4B81-4F68-9E7E-FF74541A62BB.jpeg FE47401F-C80F-421F-94DD-8E2746AE6E3C.jpeg D39D3FD8-E9E4-4392-8CE8-F85321FBC69F.jpeg 1F73E942-4AC6-4834-B6D0-A40C524C22AA.jpeg 9CF7C104-66E8-4436-8AA9-EA4A51779312.jpeg
  2. Thud Staff

    Thud Staff Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    Sale pending...
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