SOLD FREE! You pay shipping: 5 String Pickup Soapbar Jazz Humbucker Quilt Maple Cap

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    Really thought I would have a use for this, but need to keep clearing things out…price above includes shipping to lower 48. Other places, let’s chat about shipping options.

    Bossa OBJ-5 Oickup, in Soapbar shape, in wood shell, quilt maple capped. Epoxy potted to reduce microphonics. I believe this is a ‘real’ Japan Bossa pickup, not the later Korean products. Let me know, if not.

    • DCR: 7.69k Ohm
    • Length: 4-7-16” / 111 mm
    • Width: 1-1/4” / 32 mm
    • Height: 7/8” / 24 mm
    • Lead length: approx 3.5” / 92 mm
    • Screws included: 3
    PM me with any question you have.
    FDE694CF-4B3F-4843-90AA-F423BB68633E.jpeg D1FEDF43-9283-46A5-B660-A2B785001FEA.jpeg 359CF9BA-5C92-45C7-8985-86C5923825D8.jpeg 27954B7F-0390-4A52-AD95-46ACB431015C.jpeg E27293F1-48F2-4B55-A9A5-02B964521327.jpeg E12FFFFE-19F0-4182-A367-5CEBE7344B16.jpeg AFE1D138-369B-409F-A877-0B92DDC5A896.jpeg 944C92F8-8F68-4835-8DA3-07C077DF11B1.jpeg
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