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    :confused:The break in the middle has a solo repetitive bass riff that sound so simple but I can't figure out some notes. It's driving me batty. If anybody can help that would be great.

    Basically, there are two parts:
    • Low on E or E and A string. Are the notes A, G, E, or A, F#, E or is the bass player mixing it up with alternating G and F#?
    • The high part sounds one or two octaves up: G-D then down to D-A or is it octave G-G and D-D? Is it in one octave or two octaves up from the first part of the riff which is on the E+A string? Eg-- is played on the D&G strings at the 5th fret position or 17th fret position?

    I don't know if I've made this communication clear or a jumbled mess but I appreciate any help. Thanks.
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    Aug 15, 2000
    In your basement.
    i forget what fret it is at but. . . open A and then riff at maybe 15 of 17th fret. I think I played it A on 5th fret to F# to open E then the above.
  3. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    I'm sure I'm playin' it wrong(don't own the recording, believe it or not).
    Here's what I did back in the day-

    First part(2nd fret F# + OPEN A & E)

    The OPEN A on the very last 1/16th note helps ya get up to the 15th fret without sacrificing the groove...

    Second part(way up there...15th-17th fret on D & G)
  4. JimS

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  5. Alright Now: Funky Bass Break

    g----------------------------------------19 -------------19 slide dwn-
    d------------------------------17--------------- 16 ------------------
    a--0 0 0--------0 0 ---------------0--------0--------0--------0-------
    e-----------0 2 ------ 2 0 -------------------------------------------

    g----------------------------------------19 -------------19-----------
    d------------------------------17--------------- 16 -------------------
    a--12 12 12--------0 0 -----------------------------------------------
    e--------------0 2 ------ 2 0 -------------------------------------------

    I play it like this

    g-----------------------------------19 ---------------
    d------------------------------17-------17 16 17
    a--0 0 0--------0 0 --------------------------------
    e-----------0 2 ------ 2 0 --------------------------

    about 18 times
    and close out the guitar solo on open
  6. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999 that sounds right!
    Looks like I was close...just can't count above 17(apparently). Those notes are up there in the 16/17-19 fret area!