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French Bow ID

Discussion in 'Bows and Rosin [DB]' started by Stephenw56, May 31, 2018.

  1. I recently came into a possession of a seemingly poor quality bow, but after a re-hair and a cleaning I have found it to be of excellent quality. I noticed on the side of the bow it is lightly stamped with "MPS WD 5" (might be MBS or MRS), any idea who or what the maker of this bow could be? It is a wood french bow.. The frog has been swapped out with a glasser bow, but is not the original.
  2. Jon Stefaniak

    Jon Stefaniak Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2000
    Tokyo, Japan
    Some pictures might help to identify...

    If the frog was swapped with a glasser (plastic?) and it is stamped that way, my guess it was in a public school or something.
  3. Here are a few pics

    Attached Files:

  4. Looks like a Glasser...
  5. Neil Pye

    Neil Pye

    Apr 13, 2016
    Horsham, UK
    Looks cheap
  6. Bumping to see if someone wants to say something actually useful
  7. Neil Pye

    Neil Pye

    Apr 13, 2016
    Horsham, UK
    OK here's something useful. Cheap wooden bows come out of China and elsewhere by the thousand. You will probably never identify it, and to be honest, if it's of such low quality that someone felt ok putting a Glasser frog on the stick, then its almost certainly not worth spending any time trying. If you like it, use it. If not, get rid.
  8. Andy Mopley

    Andy Mopley

    Sep 24, 2011
    Raw nerve hit here .... :cautious:

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