SOLD Frenzel Tube Amps "Retro Deluxe" octal amp head! JDesign cab head!

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    Apr 21, 2012
    Hey guitarists!

    Frenzel Tube Amplifiers “Retro Deluxe” head!

    This head is in perfect condition – the amp was made by Jim Frenzel, and I had him send it to Jeff at JDesign Cabs to build the head-cab (since I’m not a fan of the metal “cage” that comes stock with the cab). Jeff did a wonderful job, as usual, and the amp sings while lookin’ good on stage!

    Pic from Owner’s Manual has all the specs, but some highlights:

    - 20W @ 8 Ohms, using “retro” 6SL7 (octal) preamp tubes, 6V6 power tubes, and a single 5AR4 rectifier tube!
    - Master volume and Gain controls for a variety of clean to overdrive sounds! [Note: this is not a high-gain amp by any measure!]
    - Bass-mid-treble controls for shaping your tone; Bass has “pull deep” switch, and Gain has “pull bright”
    - Single input, single speaker out; comes with line out and line out “level” control
    - Custom “red wine” tolex head with cool “leather-ish” handle!
    - “Lunchbox” size! Dimensions: 13” L x 8.75” H x 9.5” D
    - ** An additional set of brand new, TAD premium 6SL7 tubes will come with the original Sovteks!

    Fantastic, vintage sounds, and this thing can get loud with a good cab! Sounds great with reverb or other effects pedals, too.

    This was completed in Dec 2017; I’ve owned Jim’s amps before, and I’ll own another one!

    [He changes things up every year it seems -- his current model is the “Plus,” which uses 6L6 tubes, and has some other features, too]

    Chassis with custom cab was $700, new TAD pre-tubes, $50 ; this will be shipped to the lower 48 for $450!! [Will ship elsewhere for actual shipping]

    frenzel front.jpg frenzel front-rt.jpg frenzel front-left.jpg frenzel back.jpg frenzel back-rt.jpg frenzel back-lft.jpg frenzel JF - 5A3RD.jpg
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    Apr 21, 2012
    SOLD! Thanks!