Frequency Central custom bass compressor "Smooth Operator" made in UK

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  1. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
    $75 shipped- very small, like a phase 90
    has a blend knob, to blend in some dry signal.. cool for keeping lows intact and balancing the squashed & clean signals.
    He used a big, retro LED as an indicator light

    It's set up to take a standard 9v adapter (like a one spot etc)
    But I don't think it has a battery clip, he doesn't like using them,
    I never use batteries anyway.
    Hand etched and hand painted lettering

    Controls are:
    comp level,

    I had requested a simple layout.
    I believe it is similar to a dyna comp circuit, but Rick made sure it let tons of lower frequencies through, he's a creative, innovative builder and usually does things a little differently.
    Made in England by Rick Holt/Frequency Central

    Simple, it works like it should. Nothing too complex. Small and weighs nothing.
    .I have given up using stomp boxes with bass
    and found the CS-3 is perfect for my clean Telecaster tones.

    I had purchased a custom bass overdrive from Rick Holt, he specializes in Eurorack modules,
    tube effects and " extreme" phase shifters,

    I was really into the tube OD he built for me, I used it for ev
    I'd expressed to him how I wanted tons of low end filtering through the effect, that I had problems finding a dirt pedal with sufficient amounts of low end.. And he delivered the goods.. It passed w flying colors.

    I was playing with it for quite a while,
    I was ready to buy another custom tailored effect from him and started asking about a simple lightweight compressor built to retains low

    Only trades I can use is a small pedal board,
    Like pedal train's nano or mini etc

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  2. moonbass-de

    moonbass-de Supporting Member

    Aug 28, 2007
    How is the noise floor? And does it keep up with an active fiver?
  3. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
    I haven't really listened to it that carefully yet,
    I used this a few times riffing in my bedroom for a few minutes,here and there.
    and mostly for guitar.
    When I get time I will take her out and play around.

    I feel like a traitor saying this on talkbass,
    but I reach for my 6 string guitars 99% of the time,and rarely ever play bass this last year..

    I can't remember it being noticeably hissy or unusually problematic in either of those ways.
    I used it for clean guitar stuff,at pretty low practice amp functioned efficiently in that context.

    this was tested with an active 5'er at Rick's studio..he knows I'm picky about low end headroom.
    I'm not the best judge of compressors, they all sound pretty similar to me,
    some of them have lousy low end response,and clip my lows..others are really noisy, that stuff I can always hear..
    i don't think this one has a serious problem in either area, or i would have noticed it..

    when I get some free time I'll try to shoot a video of various settings with an active bass
    And I'll try to play around with her as soon as I get a chance.

  4. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
    Tested the compressor today w my active PJ
    as far as noise.. it's not much different than my CS-3,
    There were no issues to speak of, works like it should.

    my CS-3 tends to get noise on the more extreme settings (when I dime the Sustain control)
    where the FCSO compressor got more overdriven on the extreme settings.
    but not really hissy..
    I'm talking about when u really blast the effect, which u would never do anyway..

    Both comps worked well in regular settings, neither seemed radically better or worse.

    ..just a little different in the way it behaves when u dime certain controls, but u wouldn't do that anyway.
    In typical settings, I felt both units were working fine, the controls just felt a little different..
    But yeah, it's a nice unit, for the size and weight, it's a tight little effect.
    Rick signed the bottom lightly with a marker, easily washed off if u want to remove the "for Kevin" inscription,
    It's already kind of faded..
  5. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
    pedal is off to Florida, she's Gonzo.