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    Jan 9, 2005
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    I ordered a custom mini-tube OD pedal from Rick at Frequency central. I keep an OD pedal on all the time for a mild to moderate ODn tone when playing live. Currently I use a BJFE BBBOD and have been pretty pleased, but I wanted a little more control.

    I've never been happy with blend knobs on a bass, effect, or preamp. Same goes for "character switches"...always prefer being able to adjust to my own preference. So I asked Rick to incorporate two separate channels; clean and effected, as well as a master vol. That way I can treat it like a mixer, then adjust overall volume.

    The clean signal should lose nothing. The OD has a level and gain, and the eq effects only the OD signal. Slick, huh? I chose a Marshall tone stack, because I love the sound of re-amping an overdriven Marshall track when recording.

    The "Dirt" switch is something that Rick wanted to experiment with, so I told him to have at it. Might be cool to kick on for solos or raucous passages.

    Rick's bass OD pedals have been evolving through custom orders and I think he has now settled on a standard design:

    I'll try and post clips after I receive and mess with it.
  2. AWESOME!! I so want one of these!! It must sound AMAZING!!
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    Jul 6, 2006
    Hot etching
    Coolest looking pedal of 2011

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