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  1. This may sound dumb but here goes.

    Could anyone give me some frequency ranges for:

    low mids
    high mids

    Do you see what I am saying? I am tired of blindly jacking with my EQ. I would like to have some idea of where to start.
  2. Kinda like:

    kinda poor
    filthy rich


    The above link will help you out.

    Your bass makes fundamentals from 31 to 200 Hz approximately. The natural harmonics have been scoped to an upper limit around 7,000 Hz. If you are a slapper or fuzz user, these artificial harmonics can go as high as 20,000 Hz.

    Most of the general public perceives a boom in the mid-bass range around 80 to 100 Hz as "bitchin' bass" response because that is what they are familiar with. Kinda like a guy who thinks AM radio is the best cuz he's never heard FM...

    Rigs with large drivers that produce solid results in the low-bass region below 50 Hz are often blamed for being "slow" or "muddy". IMO this is a result of not being able to reproduce the upper-bass fundamentals and the harmonics. My bi-amp rig sounds like a muddy hawg wallow when I turn the 100 Hz-and-higher volume all the way off. The bass horsepower is still there, but the sound is heard as pure mud. Turn the highs back on, and it becomes a chest-crusher because the highs add the punch and growl.
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    Sep 9, 2000
    These ranges are relative, but I'll throw in my two cents. Most audio people talk about 3 basic ranges: bass, midrange, and treble. These three ranges cover the human hearing range, from approx. 20 - 20k Hz. Bass (my guess here) is pretty much done by about 300 Hz. or so), and treble is probably frequencies above 4 kHz. So midrange would be about 300 - 4kHz.

    We like to subdivide the above ranges even further. I'm gonna make a stab at it here, and would welcome some debate.

    20-50 Hz - low bass
    50-125 Hz - mid bass
    125-300 Hz - upper bass

    300-500 Hz - low midrange
    500 Hz - 1 kHz - center midrange
    1 - 4 kHz - upper midrange

    4 - 7 kHz - low treble
    7 - 12 kHz - mid treble
    12 - 20 kHz - upper treble

    Any other opinions?

    - Mike