frequency responce??

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  1. ok, heres the deal.
    i am thinking of replacing the 15" speaker in my 1x5 because it is currently a 4 ohm speaker and i would rather 8. also, it is kinda old as well.
    when i go to the web sites of several speaker manufacturers (eg - eminence) it says that their 15" speakers have frequency responce of say 40hz-4kz. i play a five string, and i am told that the b sting i about 25/30hz? does this meen playing the b string through a 15" speaker that only goes down to 40hz will harm the speaker?
  2. Frequency response specs should be taken with a small boulder of salt. Given how weak the fundamental frequency is with notes low on the B string, and that it dies very quickly with all but the most sustain-heavy basses, you don't need to worry.

    Now, if you're running 25Hz pink noise through those speakers, pushed by a 2000-watt power amp, you will have some problems. But for ordinary usage at even very high volumes, you won't have to worry.