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    Does any one know what each strings freq is?
    Is there a website that shows what each notes freq is?

    I play an eight string and a seven string bass (tuned standard, low F#- Low B- Low E- A- D- G- High B- High E) and I was wondering what frequencies the open strings are so I can boost certain ones.

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    Great link:
    Should answer anything ya need to know.

  3. Each note goes up by approx 12th root of 2. That's because 12 half steps = an octave, and an octave doubles the freq. Equally spaced notes therefore = 12th root of 2, or about 1.059463094 times the previous note to go up a half step, or divide one step by that number to go down a half step.

    Since low E=40Hz, up 2 frets to F#= 45Hz. So the F# an octave down would be half that, about 22.5 Hz. Low B is around 30 Hz.